Sinful Sunday : Office Slavery by Houseguest. A Short Story.

sci fi office sex

The streetlights lit up the dark night as Lainie slowly made her way into the behemoth building and through the 24-hour security checkpoint. There was always a line to get into the office, no matter the time of day or night. Maybe the workers tonight were all just conscientious employees devoted to helping StarFire remain on top of the Internet world. Or maybe they were like Lainie and simply hoping to take advantage of all the company benefits to fill their lonely lives. StarFire realized long ago that it could keep employees at work longer, the more it offered to replace what people would be missing out on at home. It began years ago with an on-site day-care, a florist and a dry cleaner. As far as Lainie was concerned, the real perks were added later, when the company began its flexible, open 24-hours per day working policy. Once StarFire added its renowned Pleasure Givers to the list of benefits, she and many others like her put in extra hours in the evenings when they were horny for an uncomplicated fuck.

First, a scan on the way into work to make sure employees weren’t sneaking in any electronics: no phones or any other devices which might steal the company’s data. Lastly, a scan on the way out to prevent any pirating of the company’s secrets. Lainie could have cared less about corporate espionage; she really just needed to get off. It had been so long since she last had a real date, and she was going crazy with need. She would be happy to do data entry all night for the company, as long as she got to check out No. 7 from the Fem Storage. This was the company’s best perk, as far as she was concerned. Who had time in this day and age for a relationship anyway? And sex with strangers or infantile men with no social skills? No thanks! Just a little time spent with her feminine ideal, and she could get back to work with no other distractions. That was simply the way of the world nowadays.

A short trip to the building’s basement and a retinal scan were all that were required to gain entry into the pleasure vaults. Once inside, Lainie went straight to No. 7, the woman she secretly adored. No. 7 was there to fill a need though, and personal connections to the Pleasure Givers wasn’t allowed. So Lainie always stuck to the rules, kept things impersonal, and simply loaned out her personal stress relief for the night. Standing there in all her God-given glory, No. 7 was an impressive sight: a beautiful face and porcelain skin, pert breasts with nipple rings and a chain from those rings to her clit piercing, and the barest of pussies for Lainie to be enjoying soon. Grabbing her bag of toys for the night, No. 7 silently followed Lainie to her workstation, prepared to do whatever was required of her.

Getting down to business, first the private cubicle workstation was set up and then files delivered for the data entry. No. 7 knew the routine and knelt patiently between Lainie’s legs for her instructions. Once the data set was complete, an employee could use a set of benefits from his/her daily supply. Lainie typed much faster than usual, as she kept glancing down between her legs to the naked beauty waiting to give her the pleasure she so desperately needed tonight. Spurred on to complete her work in record time, she had never been so thankful for the lovely stock of females StarFire was known to keep on hand for its employees.

Finally, Lainie leaned back in her chair with a sigh and put her heels up on her desk, feet wide apart for No 7’s work to begin. “Get busy, No. 7. I really need you tonight”. The delectable No. 7 took her job seriously and was eager to please.

No. 7 pulled Lainie’s panties aside and began to lick all around her swollen clit and then inside her pussy. Every few seconds, she sucked hard on Lainie’s clit and reveled in the effect she had on this woman. Lainie was soaking wet and nearly begging for more. “Wait, not yet, No. 7. Fuck me first”. No. 7 was damned good at her job, and she quickly readied her strap on to fuck Lainie’s needy cunt.

Bent over the desk with her legs spread wide, Lainie began to feel the fake cock invade her from behind. She always ordered No. 7 to wear the 7-inch cock with the widest girth. Feeling full was her favorite sensation of all. Barely able to contain her moans, Lainie rubbed her own clit furiously, while the Pleasure Giver fucked her for all she was worth, as if her own career depended on it even. “Oh my fucking hell’, Lainie thought, as her orgasm almost rendered her brain dysfunctional. She could never get enough of this and resolved herself to working more hours next time, so that she had enough points stored in the pleasure account to have two females fuck her senseless. She would gladly give all her free time to StarFire for its employee benefits.

“Come here, No. 7, and lick my pussy until I say stop.” Without ever saying a word, No. 7 knelt and continued on with her work, licking languidly until Lainie came down from her orgasmic high and gave the next order. “Good job No. 7, slip your fingers in, just like you did last time.” Again without question, the female obeyed. They had played out this scene countless times before. She set to work, licking clit and rubbing her g-spot. Lainie looked down at her, No. 7 looked so beautiful, before she closed her eyes and let her orgasm overwhelm her again. As it did, she began to squirt. Her lust filling the air with its rich smell. Immediately, No. 7 tried to capture it with her mouth. But it was no good, it mostly covered her pretty face, just what Lainie wanted.

No. 7 was pleased, she knew Lainie thought highly of her and would give her an excellent review.

Finally feeling relaxed and refreshed, Lainie led No. 7 back to the vaults where she and the other Pleasure Givers lived and made her own way home under the darkened skies. Dawn would come soon enough, and she would be ready to earn more of those StarFire company perks.

What would you make your slave do?

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