Fantasy Friday: I’m afraid of her


When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark.

I used to think there were monsters that lived in the shadows.

As soon as the lights went out they would devour me.

I used to cry out like a baby.

These days I fear no one.

No one that is, apart from my beloved Houseguest.

She really is quite demented.


I never know what she’ll do next.

She is obsessed with embarrassing me in public.

Only last night she was telling some poor girl I had her tattooed onto my torso.

The girl in question was sporting the Betty Page look.

Go on, take you top off and show her!

Why am I so powerless to resist her?

Oh the shame.

Though having said that, my torso does look fine.



Yes, fear.

I truly fear her!

I’m a big scary cat.

You never know what she will do next.


And when I protest?

Oh Robert! Stop being such a big baby.

No, I won’t do that!

She will accept no disobedience.

That she makes perfectly clear.

She has choked me in public.

Obey me Robert!


Oh those soft manicured hands……

Just wait until I get you home……

Oh god yes!

Let’s go right now!


Are you afraid of your partner?

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: I’m afraid of her

  1. Fear of the unknown can be a good motivator. It keeps you on your toes! In the end, you will always get your just desserts, my Dearest💘💘💘

  2. Robert ,
    I do understand . I was not afraid of the dark I have a dream that scares me ! Someone coming to get me and the face has no face . Just a figure . I know who it is now . That vampire from Salam’s lot !!! Always scares me shitless !!
    I think you have a great body 😉 but you know that 🙂


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