Wicked Wednesday: Sexual regrets



I wanted to.

I really did.

Seeing you there, looking hot and needy.

That sexy ass, and great rack.

I wanted you.

But I was truly fucked.

That’s the thing about orgies.

You need to get in on the action before the bulls wear themselves out.

Even I can only go so far.

There is nothing worse than regrets.

What might have been?

You, on my face!

To leave a lady hanging is truly unforgivable.

Especially when she makes it clear that she wants you.

I was mortified and apologetic.

I’m sorry babe, but I just fucked three women, my balls be drained!

The disappointment on her face was obvious.

But really she has only herself to blame.

She should have joined the ‘party’ earlier.

White the kettle was on the boil.

And now she regrets.

Who wants a life of regrets?

Life need to be seized.

Those books you read about the life you want?

Put the book down and go live.

Or you may end up missing the party too.

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