Fantasy Friday: Sexual Disappointments.


You look forward to something all week.

He promises a good fight.

He’s done this, that and a porn star.

Yeah, this is going to be good.

You get down to it and……

It’s all going so well until we start to fuck.

Houseguest is ready for her DP.

I’m holding up my end of the bargain.

Sadly the same cannot be sad of our playmate

Oh this condom is spoiling my buzz!

What the fuck?

You are a swinger who does not use a condom?

We call bull shit.

My poor demented Houseguest was ready to burst into tears.

She’s a woman that needs her DP.

Oh the disappointment!

She has a serious case of penis envy.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Leave it to me to take care of business.

Thing is, it’s pretty bizarre to be fucking in a room with a limp dicked dude watching.

But never let it be said I leave my beloved hanging.

Mutual orgasms achieved we look at each other.

What are we to do with him?

In our mercy we helped him to cum, and then we were out of there.

So who is to blame for this debacle?

I guess I am partly responsible as the man who arranged it.

But it was her killer pussy that made him want to go home to mammy.

Would you have guessed it.

Houseguest really does have a scary pussy!

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Sexual Disappointments.

  1. Bullshit….she has scary pussy? No she dose not. Man up! Robert how did you find a man that can not keep it up? I am sure HG normally has the opposite promblem with men. Down boy!!!!!!!!

    1. Why thank you, Bobisoc!!! You might be surprised that some men have what I like to term ‘performance anxiety’ when confronted with the pair of us. It’s as if they feel intimidated and it all goes to shit! Swinging is not nearly as easy as it sounds!! lol

      1. Yes many a man’s bark is better than their bite. Lol. Tell that boy his mouth should stop writing checks his cock can’t cash. I am also deeply disturbed that your handle on Robert is slipping, that he would bring such a boy to play. Sigh.

        1. You are right on all accounts, bobisoc! I love that saying of yours. I will add it to my repertoire!
          When it comes to sex on offer, Robert is like a kid in a candy shop. For me, not every sweet is worth eating. But SOME PEOPLE have never met a sweet they didn’t want to eat! LOL

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