An interview with erotica author Paige Thomas!!


Hello Paige Thomas, Aussie chick, writer and hottie! I’ve been meaning to get you on my blog for ages, and now I finally have you. What am I to do with you……? We need to check compatibility!

I got sick and tired of all your bitching and moaning…”Oh, pleeease Paige, won’t you spare me just a few minutes of your precious time and let me interview you?” After your millionth plea I began to feel sorry for you. Plus, you were causing an annoying ringing sound to develop in my ears. What’s the old saying? Throw the dog a bone? So, now that you’ve got me, hit me with your questions, Fido.

OK firstly, what is it with rock stars? You know they smell right?! I mean come on girl, cheese……eeek!

What ISN’T with them? Anyone who says they haven’t fallen in love with at least one rock star is a gobshite liar! What’s not to love with their tight jeans, leather, a raunchy, seductive voice and damn good rhythm? A great singer is pure sex on legs. And if you’re a singer who can also play an instrument—and play it well—then whack me over the head and drag me back to your cave for a private show!

But it’s not only natural talent or the physical traits I find so appealing, it’s the mentality as well. A good musician has to be persistent, headstrong and dedicated to their craft to be successful. Those same qualities apply to all areas of life and I find them very attractive.

And they smell of sugar and spice and all things nice! Even their sweat smells of lollipops. Not sure which rock stars you’ve been sniffing, but I’d suggest steering clear of those underground dungeons you call “night clubs”. Those places are usually seedy and dank. Maybe that’s where the moldy cheese smell is coming from?
Oh baby, puleeeeease! Lollipops? Strewth! I know talent can be sexy. That’s why you want me so much. But, the mullets? Total passion killer! Though I guess you probably see it as a fashion statement or rite of passage!

I want you? I must have missed that memo. Or maybe I was too busy chatting to sexy musicians to notice. Oh well, c’est la vie.

If you grew up in the 80’s like I did then sporting a mullet was a rite of passage for most males, but these days it’s definitely a fashion disaster. I admit my hubs had a mullet when we first started seeing each other but I corrected that faux pa quick smart!
I never liked him. Why don’t you put him out of his misery and leave him for me. I saved a space for you in my love cave!

Well, I would, but I’d be risking certain death. It was in my vows and everything. “Do you, Paige Thomas…yada, yada, yada…in sickness and in health…but if you run away with a perverted Irishman, by painful death you shall part…though, should you bag JBJ, Mr. Thomas wishes you all the happiness in the world and will even finance your second wedding.”

You know I got moves girl, like Bon Jovi. I know his name makes you all flustered. How much of him is in Starstruck?bonjovi

Jon was my inspiration for that novel. It seemed like a wise decision to use the man who I’ve been in lust with since forever as my initial muse, but after writing the first few chapters my character took on a life of his own. There were certain details I kept…his physical appearance and the fact that he came from New Jersey, though I used a different town. Hard-core Jovi fans will recognize some similarities and that was intentional.
I just don’t get it. I mean OK, he can sing and dance a little, but that poodle perm!

Oi! Poodle perm? I spent hours, days, months, years swooning over that head of hair and I make no apologies. For the musical era it was damn hot! And there are millions upon millions of women who would agree with me.
Fine! OK, you are infatuated! You poor thing. Do you think everyone in a band is sexy?

No, definitely not. There are plenty of good looking singers and musicians but I only have doe eyes for JBJ, and our love affair has spanned over twenty-eight years now so you can’t call me fickle with my obsessions. I mean, Richie Sambora was okay in his prime, and his nickname is “The King of Swing” (and not for his musical prowess, but for his rather large…ahem). So, yes, there are many musicians I find attractive, just very few I’d consider leaving my husband for. Jon is the total package…gorgeous, talented, intelligent, witty, and he’s a wise businessman and entrepreneur who goes above and beyond for charities he believes in. Did I mention gorgeous?
Thank god you are divided by an ocean. So there will be no books about Mick Hutchinson?

No, I’m fairly certain my band Jerico will be the only rock star stories I’ll ever write. I think I’d feel as if I was cheating if I wrote about another. My heart just wouldn’t be in it.
I feel like that about Conor in my Confessions books. You become loyal to certain characters. Though loyalty can go a bit far…. Have you ever stalked, I mean followed a rock star around like a love struck puppy?

Physically followed them around? Never! I have more class than that, plus my bank balance won’t allow it…for now. With the aide of technology I can do it virtually and no one gets hurt, or arrested. Anyway, I wouldn’t look good in one of those orange jumpsuits. It’s just not my colour.starstruck_9781419937804_msr-1

As a paddy I would never give anyone the satisfaction of stalking them. BTW when did you realise you were in love with me? And please stop ringing me up in the middle of the night, I don’t need know what knickers you are wearing.

I don’t believe I’ve come to that realisation yet, but I’ve still got another fifty years of more left in me…there’s still time, I guess. How patient are you?
You don’t fool no one, you love me girl! Who doesn’t? I’m fab and you’re not bad, but me, I is a ride. What authors do you love (other than me)?

Do you really want to know the answer because I’m sure it’s not written on my cleavage? Do you have a lazy eye or something? If you do, I sincerely apologise, but your gaze keeps dropping down to… Hey! You’re still wondering what colour knickers I’m wearing, aren’t you?

My all-time favourite is without a doubt The King. Stephen King, that is. I started reading his books when I was a young lass and own almost his entire collection. He’s the reason I wanted to become a writer. I LOVE a good thriller novel, you know, something that gets the heart really pumping. Within the next ten years I see myself as a thriller/erotic writer.

I also like Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, JK Rowling, Jeffrey Archer, Bryce Courtenay, Colleen McCullough, Megan Hart, Charlotte Featherstone, to name a few.
I don’t know any of those people. I lost interest after you stopped talking about me. But I’m going to humour you. King is quite dark and depressing. Do you think all love is tinged with sadness? (Count Me In)

In real life, no, I’d hope not. But in good fiction, yes! There has to be at least some angst or disastrous event to make it a great love story. I can’t think of one, from the classics to contemporary, which isn’t tinged with some kind of sadness. Romeo and Juliet…The Notebook…need I say more?
Are sad endings more fun than happy endings? I take that back!sad-man

So you should. Yes! Definitely more fun to write, in my opinion. Happy endings are always expected with most books, especially romance, so with mine I like it to be a surprise at the end. Is she going to make me cry, swoon, or both?

I like to cry. Sadness has always appealed to me, even though I’m a pleasure seeker. I guess that’s my escape from normality. Do you agree that all fiction is essentially escapist?

Yes, mostly. That’s why we read fiction, right? To escape into another world full of wonders we don’t necessarily find in real life. By the way, I always picked you as a bit of a crier.

A good fiction novel will see me lose sleep, food, friends even! If I’m absorbed in a really good book nothing can tear me away until I’ve finished it. My family could be starving and I’ll still bat them away with a stick. What?! Don’t look at me like that. They know where the toaster is.
Toaster? LOL You are a good mammy. I can see it now. Feck off and make ye self some toast. Ball n bleedin chains! What does that say about romance or erotica readers?

LOL It says we’d be really great friends!
Speaking of great friends, when are you coming to Dublin to get drunk with me and sing about rides?

Damn, I could really use a good holiday and Europe would be my first stop, for several reasons…or should I say people. After I sell several more thousand books expect me on your doorstep. I would soooo love to get drunk with you and go on a perv spree—solely for research purposes, of course. Prepare to meet your match, Paddycakes! I hear it’s a nice view beneath the table I’ll be drinking you under! Just promise me there’ll be no strip clubs, they’re a bit tacky for my taste. HG’s already agreed to be our wing woman and designated driver, I just need to decide whose bed, I mean house…I’ll be sleeping in!
Mine! I’ll get you drunk and have my wicked way with you!

LOL Are Oz marriage licences legally binding in Dublin? Maybe there’s a sub-clause in my travel insurance… I’ll have my PA look into it and get back to you.

Oh, and what is it with you and JD?

The Irish are such critics of American whiskey! Some superb things come from the U.S, as you well know. Do I need to refer you back to questions four and five? Plus, it’s a nice bottle and tastes good with Coco-Cola.
You really do have weird taste. How bad is it?JD

It’s not bad! Tis good! Though, I did happen to sample some Irish whisky recently, so I think Mr. Jack Daniels now has some heavy competition on his hands as far as how my pennies are spent. Happy now?

Scotch or whiskey? Tread carefully!

That’s a no-brainer. Whiskey, all the way! I’ve never fancied scotch very much. Even the high-end stuff is rejected by my taste buds. If I can’t have a good whiskey I’ll drink a cheaper bourbon rather than scotch.
Maybe there is hope for you yet. Have you ever done any writing while drunk?

Not drunk, but I have written occasionally whilst tipsy. I’ve actually written some of my best lines while slightly inebriated. After a drink or two I’m much more relaxed and my inhibitions start to fall away. I’m generally a real chatterbox after I’ve had a few and that’s no different when I’m writing.
Don’t I know it. It really is hard to make you shut up sometimes. I reckon you are a size 4 ball gag.

Come anywhere near me with a ball gag and I’ll see how far you can bend over to gag you with your own ba… I think we’ve drifted slightly off topic, don’t you?

OK, so the next book won’t be written under the influence! So what’s in the cooking pot?

I’ve got two stories on the go right now – the sequel to Starstruck (another full-length novel) and also a novella/short novel involving one of the other members of the band…possibly about a threesome. I plan for the shorter one to be released next and I’m aiming for publication early to mid-2014.

We are running a little competition for the funniest comment below. The winner will get a copy of Paige’s delectable ebooks. 

So get commenting! 

35 thoughts on “An interview with erotica author Paige Thomas!!

        1. Yes you are. Robert could do with some whippings and other such things. It does seem he’s got a large ego issue that needs taming. : )

  1. Thank you for this !! It put a huge smile on my face!! I loved the banter & interview !!
    Love & hugs

    Ps. I love Bon Jovi too ( winks )

  2. Great interview! I can relate to much of what Paige says. I have pulled more all-nighters reading a good book than studying for university exams. And the more escapist the better, as far as my fantasy lit tastes are concerned. Though I hate sad endings and sad songs at all times. Life has enough of that already, so that isn’t my idea of something to escape to.

    Obviously, you both need taming. Well, mostly Robert needs taming. The delectable Paige Thomas just needs taking care of. The devine and demented sisterhood has agreed my bed will be hosting all parties. Any attendees must prove their cunnilingus skills to attend. Paige, we really will have to remove that ball gag, if we expect to put Robert to work! oooohh, I can feel it already in my lusting loins!

    1. Agreed HG I don’t like sad endings, I want tears of happiness.

      You horny HG, god help Paige if you two get your hands on her, she’ll be corrupted and perverted in no time!

      Hang on, isn’t she perverted already?!

  3. Haha loved this interview, I can’t wait to read your books now! Just wish I had more time to read. Sorry I can’t make a funny comment as comedy is not my gift. Robert your bravery with the lovely Paige is fuelled by distance, just wait until she crosses the globe, oh boy she’s gonna punish for your cheek! I hope I’m there to witness it, nothing more I love to see than baby Robert getting a spanking and being drunk under the table…..Paige stop by Newcastle on your way, I’ll take you round the toon!

    Paige, my hubs was a drummer when I met him, he also plays guitar (acoustic & electric) and plays piano beautifully. A man who can play music is a big turn on 😉 x

      1. HG, you’re my bestie’s wifey!!! Would be a total conflict of interest and then I’d be accused of rigging the competition, woman! How about I give them to you for Christmas?
        P.S. So THAT’S where my cat went!

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