Tormenting the English


I must admit I’ve always had a hard spot for the English.

Having spent my childhood boarding there, they’ve grown on me.

Maybe it’s a school teacher thing?

Robert! Your homework is a disgrace! Bend ever!

Yes Mrs Walton!!

Poor auld Mrs Walton. I spent years lusting after her.

Those seamed stockings….

That impressive bust…..

Her stern persona….

She really was a horny school boy’s dream.

Oh the torment.

So close, and yet totally unattainable.

Now it’s my turn to torment these horny English housewives.

I really adore them.

What do I like most?

I love how under that thin veneer of respectability they are complete sluts.

Oh Robert, put your head between my legs, but don’t tell my husband!


Isn’t it so sexy?

So prim, so proper, I’m a saint……

Sweetheart you’re a devil in bed.

Oh no I don’t think I could do that……well maybe…… do that again!

Why are we so beholden to appearances?

No one must know.

I have my position.

Oh no I could never tell my husband I like that.

Fine, lets rock!

I sometimes wonder about Mrs Walton.

Was she a dominatrix?

Did she have a huge strap-on?

Was her husband a gimp?

Or was she a total submissive?

A pain slut?

I’m not sure what turns me on more.

Silly me!

Yes I am, her respectability.

12 thoughts on “Tormenting the English

      1. And that wouldn’t do at all, would it? One can’t leave an English woman sitting there with lust in her eyes. No doubt if you were ever to be in that position, you would take the lead and accept the challenge.

  1. I have a smile ear to ear, thinking about my English friends and how they are so as you described. Mind you, being an American, we are almost as bad, well some of us are. Me, I go for the balls to the wall approach as much as possible. There are times, I can be more subtle, when the situation call. I do prefer the former, as it usually causes the head tilt…

  2. Robert,
    Well, I got a spanking from the vice principle in middle school . It was with a wood paddle . But , ( huge BUT here ) I don’t remember why . I really don’t . But , the guy was a ass to begin with . I would rather have one by a Dom if I had one 😉
    Love & friendship

  3. No sexy teachers in the French education just mean old ones…Poor me!
    And no spanking either…I think I missed all the fun…

    But now, after seeing my Zumba and Body Combat’s teachers, let me tell you that I know all about lusting after instructors and be motivated to work out!

    As for the English, they blush so easily…But they are So damm hot when they try to speak french.
    I like “les rosbifs” very much but it seems that Irish men are also a good deal. Since one of them is making me laugh out loud in front of my computer quite often!
    Thanks to you Mr India!

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