Sinful Sunday: Caught in the act

suck cock

There are many social conventions that a gentlemen should observe.

Such as opening doors for ladies or offering your seat to the elderly.

Manners my dear.

It’s what separates us from peasants.

It is rather uncouth to be rude.

And let me be clear: one should never answer the phone while getting a blow job.

Unless it’s for the craic!

Where are you?

What’s that noise?

You are getting a blow job!


My beloved Houseguest knows her sex noises.

Oooohhhhh! Is he any good?

He’s doing great, say hello Manuel!


So how’s your day been?

Oh you know, no one eating my pussy, but it’s been OK. 

Oh that a real shame, I’ll fix that for you later on. Love to chat babe, but I need to feed Manual some cum!

If you area going to get caught in the act, you may as well revel in your naughtiness.

Not all social conventions should be obeyed.

And the punishment for being caught in the act?

Whats good for Manual is good for Robert!

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