Fantasy Friday: date politics

office dating

He’s lording it over me.

The swine.

Bragging at the water cooler.

The fecker beat me to it.

He’s taken the new girl out to dinner.

He’s practically telling me what she tastes like.

How uncouth!

And yet strangely admirable.

But really young man, must you be so eager to mark your territory?

I have only myself to blame.

The early bird blah, blah, blah….

It would be really crass of me to ask her out to lunch now?

Wouldn’t it……

What are the rules here?

She’s had a date with a colleague, so she’s now off limits to the rest of us?

That really does sound prehistoric.

Sexist and totally unacceptable.

In fact, it’s my duty to free her from the bonds of male oppression.

I should take her out, wine and dine, and then share her with my beloved Houseguest.

Sounds like a plan?

Only trouble is that most Irish women don’t date multiple guys at the same time.

They date one man at a time, and dating is a prelude to something else.

Why can’t a date just be a casual date?

Don’t people watch American movies?

Why do there have to be so many rules and so much politics?

And why do little boys find it necessary to pee all over their toys?

Tel me, have you ever had a few rides on the go at the same time?

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