Fantasy Friday : It’s best to hunt in pairs.

threesome sex

There are some advantages to be a bit older than your prey.

You can come across as sophisticated, confident, and affluent.

With the right accessories you present yourself as a total bad ass.

That’s what I’m aiming for, to get in to the new girl’s knickers.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one trying to bed her.

Those young whippersnappers in design are also trying to get their claws into her.

This simply won’t do.

I need to exert my magnificence on these fools.

They don’t know who they are dealing with.

Time for reinforcements.


Yes, a classic pincer move.

She won’t know what’s hit her.

Well, yes she will, my mickey.

But you get my point.

No woman can resist the charms of two hotties.

I think a working dinner is in order.

With my beloved dropping by….it would be rude not to ask her to join us….


She won’t stand a chance.

I’ll pull her hair while Houseguest spanks her ass.

I will get my hole.

She will get a night of orgasmic sex

The small fry in the office will know their place!

Let the games begin.

Have you ever hunted in pairs?

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday : It’s best to hunt in pairs.

  1. We are the perfect tag-team. No one will beat us to the prize! That reminds me, we aren’t done with our Italian waitress yet….

  2. Robert ,
    Good Morning from America!
    As I drink my first cup of tea this morning I read you are on the prowl ….

    Let the games began !! ( waves at Houseguest )

    Ps Go you big stud !!

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