Wicked Wednesday: Perverting the innocent.

sexy new colleague

I’m all excited! In fact all the men are.

We are all looking at each other.


Beating our chests and showing off our teeth.

I’m the big cat.

I got this covered!


There is a new hottie in the office.

She’s a country girl, fresh out of the bog.

Acting all prim and proper.

I have to have her!

She’s mine.

Already I can feel my PA scowling at me.

What is it that we find so attractive?

We all see the same thing.

Sweet innocence……

How sexy!

Just think of the tricks you could teach her.

Oh what fun there is to be had.

We all know that in every innocent young thing, there is a pervert waiting to get out.

It’s my god given duty to corrupt her.

So here we all are, strutting around like peacocks.

If I can be of any assistance?


I can see myself now….

Ball gagging her and shaving her pussy before I eat it to orgasm……

Project Seduction has begun.

Stay tuned…………………………..

6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Perverting the innocent.

  1. You are a very naughty man. But once you have completed part 1 of your mission, you have part 2 to ponder. How will you convert her to MY wicked ways…..

  2. Haha Robert you are a bad bad boy but if someone has to corrupt the poor girl I suppose it should be you! You are right though, we’re all perverts just waiting to happen…..

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