Guest Blog: Sensations Series: The More I Have, The More I Want


I see you often, but it is never often enough.

Fuck like bunnies, but it leaves me horny all the time.

It’s not sex.

Talk to you morning, noon and night, but I feel our conversations are never quite finished.

Needy and wanting.

I could crawl inside of you and live.

I am the woman who loves you above all else.

Dreams of you, with you, for the future.

Ours to create as we see fit.


Proud of you for trying to be the man of your own dreams.

Reach the stars.

Brave man, standing by my side, helping me every step of the way to be the woman of my own dreams.

Always striving to be better, just for you.

Hold my hand tight and love me as deeply as I love you.

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