Fantasy Friday: Seeing you


Eyes meet across a crowded bar.

She is beautiful.

A nervous smile.

An invitation.


Please smile back.

A polite word.

A drink, a gesture.



Some stories.

Who are you?

Who am I?

Who could we be?

A hearty laugh.

An expectant smile.



I can smell your perfume.

It fills me with lust.

Your lips are full.

I want to kiss you.

Your nails are perfect.

Scratch me in the night.

You eyes swallow me.

I’m lost in them.

No more smiles.

Just wanting.



Your skin is soft.

Your hair smells of summer.

Small ears to whisper into.

Let me say it.

Roll the dice.

A chance, a risk.

Too much?

Too soon?

You decide.


Follow me.

Let’s go.

Where to?

You know.

Let me worship you.

Strip you off in candle light.

Roll around, wrestle.

Kiss your bell button.

And giggle.

Make love and hold you.

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