Wicked Wednesday: Sexual weaknesses

foot fetish

Some people really have no morals.

They see a weakness and they exploit it.

It’s obvious that they have you over a barrel.

But do they cut you some slack?

Oh no!

No pity, no mercy, no compassion.

Yes, I’m talking about you Houseguest!

My beloved is defying me.

I told her.

No! No more gay group sex for you, I’m all worn out.

I have a sniffle.

What does she do?

The cruel bitch!

She sends me videos.




Videos of her walking about in sexy, killer heels.

The evil minx.

Do you want to kiss these feet Robert?

Well then we need some all men fun.

Deep down I’m actually straight. She makes me suck cock!

What can you do when you have a demented partner who makes you do freaky things?

I try and resist her but I am powerless.

She wants me on my knees licking her heels as I get buggered.

Oh the indignity!

Tell me ladies, how can I resist her?

18 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Sexual weaknesses

  1. Robert ,
    What a confession ! My my !!
    Do I buy it ? That you are straight …..,
    Mmmm ( let me think on that ) 🙂


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