Guestblog: Houseguest Says….Get Your Freak On!

 puppy play


Eroticon 2013 took place over the weekend in London, allowing lovers of all things erotic the opportunity to explore the delights and socialize with like-minded folks. As you might imagine, every sex toy and lube known to mankind was represented in abundance, along with practitioners of every imaginable fetish. But Robert and I each had our own ideas of what an outing to Eroticon might involve.

Robert is all about the “research” for his books, leaving no porn star (male or female), tattoo model or pole dancer safe from molestation. Not saying any of them came back to our hotel with us, nope, not saying that at all. But it is safe to say the man has lots of fodder for his new stories. Oh yeah, I think he did tell a few people about his books as well. LOL. Oh, and in case you ever wondered, lots of porn women are apparently more into girl on girl in private than taking yet another cock. Poor Robert.

Me, I went to hang out with the other freaks, people who can appreciate my dementedness and are really up for the craic. So while Robert was recruiting hotties, sorry, I mean discussing trends of the porn industry in detail, I had found some very special folks in the “puppy play” area. These “puppies” were waif-like submissive men dressed head to toe in latex with paws instead of hands, dog-ears for rubbing, and dog snouts protruding from their masks. They were there to be fed, stroked and taken care of. And yes, those grown-up puppies love nothing better than getting fucked doggy style. I quickly found a compadre in the puppy corner, who enjoyed the kink of dominating the puppy-subs as much as I did. ‘Go with the flow’ is always my motto.

‘Mohawk-man’ was the name I gave him: 8 inches of stiff spikes for hair, shirtless and covered in tattoos, nipple rings and other piercings, a gorgeous body and nice face to round off his image. We fed and stroked the puppy-men together and shared our sexual tastes as part of the banter. Kinky sparks were flying. By the time Robert and his new muse found us in the T-Girl bar, we had added a sexy tranny/fireman from Birmingham named Kit Kat Easy to the mix.

So the joke goes: What happens when a porn star, a ‘switch’ writer, a dominant diva, a puppy lover and a tranny get together for a night? The answer is:

  1. Seriously demented shit!
  2. I will never tell.
  3. All of the above.

You choose the most fitting answer.

I am so glad we went to Eroticon. It was filled with fun-loving freaks, and I felt right at home.

So, what is the freakiest you ever got?

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