Fantasy Friday: Virgins


There is nothing scarier than a virgin.

There mere word fills me with dread.

Oh you may think deflowering a woman or man is a hot fantasy…..

But you are wrong!

You are walking into a bloody war zone

Nothing good ever came from it.

Virgins are always, ALWAYS, crap in bed.

They don’t know their elbows from their arse holes!

Teaching was never my forte.

Did any of us ever have a wonderful first time?

No, that is the stuff of fantasy.

Really losing you virginity is scary and traumatic.

I don’t want to ever be there again.

Maybe this is such an attractive fantasy because you want to fix your own trauma by making it good for someone else?

Wow, that really is fucked up.

Yeah I want to fuck you because I still cry at night thinking about my first time.

Grow a pair will you.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and I’m off to London to shag Brits.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Virgins

  1. Popping my cherry was the most shit experience, painful, dry, truly awful! Leave popping cherries to the kids, adults know how to do the sex best!

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