Guest blog by Houseguest: When is an Influence Bad?


I ask you, only rhetorically of course, when is an influence bad? My love likes to tease and say I lead him into things, which might get him into trouble. I do like to lead him, but really just into new possibilities.

My older cousins told me recently that they followed me around like groupies to a rock star when we were children, and I was always leading them astray. But they loved it, you see, as I was pushing them towards new ideas and possibilities. I was a dominant diva even at a young age, and well, some things never change.


But I say to you now, oh fellow brethren of the Church of Devine Dementedness, being led astray is something everyone can benefit from to spice up the everyday life. Pursuing fun and new experiences is key to feeling alive, as long as no one else is EVER hurt by your actions. If you lack all self-control, then you’re just a narcissist. It’s not even a fine line; there is an obvious boundary, and crossing it makes you a dick/cunt.

So you fuck in a restaurant toilet, give your beloved a golden shower while nude sunbathing in the back garden, let him drink champagne out of your ass: all harmless sensual fun. New experiences are good for you, people, so go have some!

So my leadership skills went into overdrive recently, when a new intern showed up at my work. My radar can sense a potential recruit a mile away, and warning bells were blaring. I immediately called Robert and told him we would be having fun with a hot Dane soon.

I wasn’t the only one casting an eye on the Nordic hottie, however, as my ‘work bestie’ had his sights set on getting this man meat as well. Funny, but I thought the Dane was possibly gay, and my gay bestie thought the Dane was straight. Seems he was giving off vibes in both directions, which is EXACTLY the kind of man I need to lead with my dementedness. All our scheming had to wait until the internship was coming to an end, as any idiot knows you don’t fuck the people working for you. Hint, hint, for some of you out there.

On his very last day in Ireland, the poor Dane was subjected to expert maneuvering by an aggressive, bisexual American woman and a very cock hungry, gay Italian man. Not wanting to lose out on this utterly fine specimen of manhood for Robert and myself, I suggested a plan to my bestie: we should all share him. I proposed an orgy for the three of them, with me joining in where appropriate. What is appropriate for a woman at a gay orgy? Using my big fucking strap-on, of course! Plus, I’m an anal slut, and an ass is an ass. These were my selling points to win over the Italian contingent.

I hauled the doomed Dane into the coffee room for a chat with my compatriot and got down to business. Did he ever stand a chance? Fuck no. I only had to share some body shots of Robert with a mention of me using the Big Bubba on his power bottom to secure our spots at the party. Mr. Italy was suave and charming, so he didn’t disappoint either.

I hope the intern will forever hold fond memories of his time in Ireland, because I will never forget that night. I got to watch hotties fuck, got to fuck them myself, got fucked. You get the picture; it was fabulous.

Yes, I lead them all astray. But no one was hurt. No lies were told. Simple sexy fun was had by all.

So I ask you, is it so bad being led astray?

19 thoughts on “Guest blog by Houseguest: When is an Influence Bad?

  1. Oh wow this is one of my faves so far HG, you totally make me laugh, that lucky Dane, almost makes me wish I was a man! A hot Dane, Italian & Irishman, fuck me what a combo!

    There is one hottie where I work and he’s way too young for me, I’d frighten the life out of him!

    1. I didn’t mention his age. The Dane was 22, so I was a bit worried that he could disappoint. Both Robert and Mr Italy told me to just give him orders and all would be fine. Giving orders comes naturally to me, so I did my thing, and we had a blast!

  2. You had me up until the 4th paragraph. To that point, I was nodding, agreeing, laughing as I remembered the shenanigans I also got up to growing up and how many people I too led astray. Lol Then it was a crash a burn. We may be soul sisters, but you are definitely the devil on the shoulder while my halo is still in tact….even if a little tarnished and lopsided. Lol I may be a bore, but you still love me! xxx

  3. Houseguest ,
    I love when you get to blog !! It is wonderful to have your POV ( point of view ). I am just a single woman in America . I love reading your stuff .
    I follow you on twitter as well .
    Keep it kinky !!

    1. Hi Pinkie. I don’t get to blog as often as I would like, as Robert says he is protecting the world from my subversive ways. I think he is worried his fans will encourage me to put him in my dungeon. What do you think? Should I? I say the man needs direction!

      1. Houseguest ,
        I think Robert should be happy that you blog . I enjoy it . It is fun and full of Naughtyness lol . I am not sure about a ” Playroom ” so to speak , but , you all have safety words & such I am guessing . But , if you two want to do that I say have fun . I want details 😉

        He can’t resist you anyway . 😉 he is crazy about you .

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