Fantasy Friday: Bad Influence

sexy evil women

Some people really are bad for you.

They lead you into temptation.

Make you do stuff you would never normally do.

Who are these people?

They would be women.

Yes! You!

I myself am terribly afflicted.

Her name is Houseguest.

Why can’t I resist?

Her cute feet, seductive heels and vice like choke hold.

She will be the death of me.

Oh Lord, save me from temptation!

She talked me into riding her in a disabled toilet!

We had to do the walk of shame.

She made me rub her clit in front of a CCTV camera.

The harlot talked me into licking her pussy in a store changing room.

She really is bad.

All I want is an easy life.

Pipe n slippers.

A finger or two of Black Bush.

But do I have a choice?

No, I must obey.


Of suffer her delicious wrath.

Women really are bad influences.

Are you a bad influenced?

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Bad Influence

  1. In my defense, I am the best thing to ever happen to you! LOL!!

    I will defend myself on this blog Sunday. I can’t let this stand! I mean, so I am a bad influence…….but in a hot, demented way. Who can complain about that?

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