Sinful Sunday: Guest Blog: Cougar Diaries Part 2: Sexting the Austerity


For those of you looking for a little more meat with your, er well meat, then may I suggest you turn to the second instalment of The Cougar Diaries.

Penned by Dublin woman, Aoife Brennan, in her forties and shagging her way across the Northside, well actually she is not shagging her way across the North side of Dublin although as a reviewer of a saucy book on an even saucier blog, I was told to say that.

Penned by Aoife Brennan, this book is about sex and austerity; a strange combination you might say except what do people do when they have no money? They have sex and lots of it. It is one of the last things a government may tax.

Actually Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, famously said that the children’s allowance given to all parents regardless of income by the Irish government is a grant to encourage procreation. Although I am not sure that is the same as giving money for people to have sex.

Traditionally the Irish have a very strange approach to sex. The accepted approach to foreplay was joked to be Brace yourself, Brigid. Since then, about five minutes, ago, sex has been much more open and experimental. Readers of this blog have certainly learnt a thing or two about going au natural, cumming on demand, sex toys and multiple people in the same bedroom at the same time having, er, sex.

I don’t think this blog is truly representative of the sex being had in Ireland, however.

So Aoife has decided to sex the austere; she really wanted to write an economic tome about the polarisation of Irish society post The Celtic Tiger. She wanted to record the vicious impact of massive indebtedness on a people left out high and dry by a cruel, ruling elite. She didn’t though. She wrote a page turning, rollicking story about a woman in her forties shagging her way across the North side of Dublin.

Or did she?

You can find out here:

Book One:  Five Star Reviews

Book Two: No reviews yet – Sex or Austerity?


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