Wicked Wednesday: Cheating women


Well this rather awkward.

Seems that I have been helping a woman cheat on her partner.

I know what you’re thinking.

But there are some mitigating circumstances.

Firstly, she’s hot!

Secondly, she’s slutty!

Thirdly, I’m a man!

What did you expect?

How did I find out?

I saw a text pop up on her phone.

I wasn’t being nosy….honest.

So how do I feel about this?


No, not at all.

You see, women who cheat are absolute devils in bed.

They’ll do all those nasty things with you, that they won’t do at home.

Any guilt I might have felt is soon forgotten about.

Hot sex tends to take your mind off such things.

Being the man I am, I told my sexy friend that a text popped up on her phone.

Let’s not play silly buggers.

There is no need for pretense.

You need to take some milk home, to your girlfriend.

Yes, that’s right.

Her partner is a woman.

Now you understand.

We all need cock.

I know that if I go a few weeks without it I’m a total fucking bitch.

Thankfully, I have my beloved Houseguest to arrange cock for me.

This poor woman had to arrange her own!

How uncivilised.

This was an errand of mercy.

So why is this awkward?

Her girlfriend…..I slept with her too.

So here we are.

It really would make a great threesome.

Instead we’re playing silly buggers!


What would you do?

Suggest a threesome?

Or tell them to go play their silly game with someone else?

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13 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Cheating women

  1. If everyone is on the up & up then have your fun with both . Ps I would not do that myself . I am selfish ! But you have fun . Peace out xo

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