Sinful Sunday: Stress Sex

stressed What do you do, when the world is getting on top of you?

The kids are sending you potty.

Your partner is grating on you.

The job is grinding you down.

You have sex. It is Mother Nature’s cure all.

No matter how stressed you are, a good orgasm will take you mind off things.

And I don’t just mean your own.

Different people need different medicine.

Some of us need a good goosing.

Others need to be bent over and spanked until they cry.

Me? I need to perform oral sex until either my mouth is full of cum or HG as pulled my ears off.

Either is good.

How long does

Valium take to kick in? An hour?

I can make a person come within twenty minutes with my mouth.

Any quicker?

Well it’s just not being done right. In twenty minutes

I’m feeling better and recharged. Now there are true dumbasses out there.

Myself included.

And it’s possible to miss all the symptoms.

Stress can lead to arguments and fights.

I suggest you observe this check list at all times:

Is she being a bitch?

Is he being a wanker?

Are you being told you can’t do anything right? Is you blood boiling?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to get to work STAT.

What takes your mind off things?

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