Fanny Friday: Take it away!


It finally happened.

I really thought it was an urban myth.

Men joke about it.

To cover our fear.

But then it happened to me.

I was ……

Confronted by……

A hideous vagina!

Oh god kill me now!

Why? Why?


Oh sweet baby jeazuz!

How can this be?

How can something so good be so bad?

It was an abomination.

So fug ugly!

There was no way I was going to put my mickey up there.

My face?

Fuck you with cactus!

OK be calm!

Deep breaths.

And the worst thing?

She was such a lovely lady.

The devil works in mysterious ways.

Funky fanny? Demented dick?

What would you do if confronted by horrible genitalia?


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6 thoughts on “Fanny Friday: Take it away!

  1. I’ve seen some fugly pussies… but they’re still pussy so I just treated them like pussy because when you eat it, you don’t have to look at it, right? You learn to understand that just because it looks bad, it doesn’t mean that it is bad – not every woman is born with that perfectly pretty cunt.

    It’s still pussy and pussy that should be licked, sucked, and fucked as if it were the most beautiful pussy ever born because, really, it’s about pleasuring the woman attached to the pussy, right?

    You look at it, think, “That’s one ugly puss!” – then mentally shrug and get to the business at hand – that’s what I’d do, anyway.

    I don’t know of a way to back out of the sex with a woman who has an ugly pussy without looking like a total asshole because from the navel up, she was pretty and enticing enough to want to take to bed so if you kick her out of it because her coochie isn’t as pretty as her face, what does it say about you and how shallow you are? Not you, but you in that general sense, of course.

    It’s still pussy and if you love pussy, what it looks like should never matter and if it does, you gotta ask yourself why it does…

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