Wicked Wednesday: Guest Blog from Housegust: Robert Vs. Houseguest – Twerk off

Twerk it

Relaxing in front of the tv watching x-factor after a long day, Robert and I were drinking red wine and getting sexy and silly. Enjoying the craic, I proposed a twerk contest between us, really just a way to entice him with my gyrating, jiggling ass. Robert is truly a great dancer, but I know my skills, so this was a done deal for me. No point in rigging a contest, unless the prize is worth having, so I proposed a suitable reward for the winner. The best twerker gets to give some hot, rough sodomy to the loser. Actually a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it, for me at least! I love giving and receiving, so I was sure to be fulfilled at the end of the evening, regardless of the outcome.

Robert India, on the other hand, prefers his anal with a real cock, so losing to me wouldn’t give him the same win-win situation. Being the cocky man that he is, he was confident enough of his success to agree to a twerk-off. Silly man, will he ever learn? Likely not.

I love watching Robert dance, but I fear he may have learned his twerking by watching Miley Cyrus. Oh no!

Absolutely thrilled to be the obvious winner, I lovingly lead my man to bed to collect my reward. Before you could even say ‘strap-on’, Robert began aggressively devouring my body, successfully distracting me from my plans to immediately bum this man into submission once and for all. Enjoying all the foreplay, I didn’t mind him tying me up as part of the fun and games. BUT THEN….

Robert Twerktard India did the unthinkable; he left me tied up spread eagle and went to the pub! Showing at least some concern for my safety, he placed my phone in one hand, in case I really needed help. What a gentleman!

Of course, I had to laugh my ass off that he would even think of such a thing to do. And I laughed even harder thinking about how I would pay him back. First he avoids my sodomy of him, and then he leaves me horny and tied up. Amends must be made!

If there is one man who loves taking orders and participating in any sexual tryst I propose, it is our dear friend, Rick. A woman in need is Rick’s friend, indeed. I managed to dial his number with one hand and yell for him to come over right away to help me out with my cheeky man.

I’m sure Robert thought I would be put in my place by waiting for him to return home from the pub. After an hour, a text came through saying he was on his way home. Perfect timing, indeed. Much to his surprise, he was greeted with the image of Rick eating my pussy for all he was worth and my much needed orgasm.

“What the fuck”, was about all Robert could stammer out. Did he really think he could tame me? LOL. Poor baby.

What a fantastic night that turned out to be. Rick stayed for a fun threesome, and Robert India turned out to be a fabulous power-bottom! He will learn to love my strap-on if it’s the last thing he does!

How will I ever tame this woman?! Suggestions please!

Have you ever made a bet over sex and who won, or what did you win?


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14 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Guest Blog from Housegust: Robert Vs. Houseguest – Twerk off

  1. Too funny! Weirdly my viewings of XFactor & drinking red wine usually end up with me passing out into deep slumber not deep penetration hahahahaha 😉 x

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