Sinful Sunday: Look into my eyes


Rugby club dinners:

The dignitaries.

The speeches.

The ties.

The perfect blazers.

The elegant wives…. and their breasts.

How am I supposed to concentrate on the speeches, when voluptuous racks surround me?

It’s impossible!

There is only one thing to do under such trying circumstances.

Keep eye contact all times!

It would be quite uncouth of me to be caught eyeballing the first lady’s juggs.

But may I just say, what a pair of beauties.

The really impressive thing was how she was able to keep them from falling out.

I swear I could almost see nipple.

Like I said, impressive.


I managed to make it through the speeches, the starter and the main course without getting caught.

And then I folded.

Sandwiched between Janine and Kathy.

Both in low cut dresses.

I tried.

I tried really hard.

But it was no avail.

I had to say it “jeeze ladies what cracking racks you both got”.

“Thanks for noticing, you really are a sweetie”.

“Oh Robert you are such a rascal”.

With that I got a peck on each cheek and off we went to dance.

It’s good being me!

So tell me ladies, you know we love your racks, but how would you feel if a friend told you you had a cracking pair?

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22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Look into my eyes

  1. I would take it as a compliment. I was always quite small in the breast department, and after nursing 4 daughters, I thought my days were numbered and I would never have anything decent to look at. Lucky for me, somehow I have gained size and regained shape. God knows how, but I do like looking down now.

  2. It depends, if he was a lecherous oaf, then he would get a curt thanks and I would be striding in the opposite direction. If he was a cheeky fecker, then I would openly check out his arse and return the compliment.

  3. In general, a compliment is a compliment. I would see it as a good thing. That being said, every relationship has its own boundaries. If it is crossing boundaries, it can be creepy and uncomfortable. Your boss or your best friend’s dad… awkward. Robert, you are always a bit pervy ….so I think it would always be received as a compliment from you! 😉

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