Wicked Wednesday: For the love of boobies

breast check

I think I must have been around 14 when I first noticed them.

Up until then I’d been  pretty ambivalent towards them.

Like whatever….

And then suddenly….pow!

Everywhere I looked I saw bangers, boobs, titts, jugs, breasts!

Puberty has a lot to answer for.

Men just love them, and don’t you women know it.

Low cut tops with push up bras, lace bras, cute bras, sexy bras, slutty bras.

Hell you ladies know just how to show them off.

It’s first thing we look at.

That’s why you working it girl!

And no, we’re not thinking of our mammies breasts.


We’re thinking of yours, and wondering what it would be like to get a tit wank?

We like how they come in different sizes.

We like how they all feel different.

Ladies, you must know we love the nipples.

Pulling them, licking them, kissing them, nibbling them, tweaking them, putting them in clamps and sucking on them.

We love how playing with them makes you feel.

And fuck me do we love coming on them!

We don’t really like ‘flotation device’ fakes, but we don’t mind some augmentation!

Now there has been the odd occasion that they’ve got me into trouble.

Like when I compared titts at an orgy.

But the punishment was rather delish.

And there was the time I was caught staring at my friend’s rack.

But in my defense, she had a cracking pair!

So ladies please, please, please look after those breasts.

Because they are connected to the rest of you, and we don’t want to lose you.


Breast cancer awareness http://buff.ly/1anyJLL

BreastCheck – The National Breast Screening Programme | Freephone Information 1800 45 45 55 http://buff.ly/1anyMqS

The Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam http://buff.ly/1bF9ngh

How To Check Your Breasts | Embarrassing | Health | http://buff.ly/1bF9nNe http://buff.ly/1bF9nNg

11 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: For the love of boobies

  1. Thought you were going to entertain us with your usual wit, but then your heartfelt message came through in the end. No one wants to lose the woman connected to the breasts. Well said.

  2. You’ve gone from someone I want to slap and pinch (in the best possible way of course) to someone I just wanna hug. Stellar message. xo

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