Sinful Sunday: Will you please stop coming!


Is there anything better than sex with the one that you love?

Yes there is! Sex with your lover, and another.

So there we are, looking hot, and getting to know each other.

Ladies flashing their racks and wearing 5 inch peep toes.

Yeah baby, I’m in a good place right now.

The deal sealed, we take it up to our room.



Kisses, caresses, a bit of foreplay.

“Fuck her while she eats my pussy Robert”.

I do like it when Houseguest gets all bossy.

And then it all started to go wrong.



My penis had barely touched her, and she orgasmed.

Then she orgasmed again, and again.

I came; I’m done with doggy, let me be on top.

I came; I’m done with being on top, eat me.

I came; I’m done with you eating me.

This woman has SADD: Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder.



I’m good but am I that good?

We gave our new plaything DP.

She screamed the place down, oh and she came.

She came a lot.



Off she went to bathroom to freshen up.

My beloved and I both asked each other: is this bitch faking?

We don’t need no pity orgasms!

No one can come like that!

We are so out of here!



I like a challenge.

Houseguest likes a challenge.

Men are able to come fairly easily.

I’m sure you ladies know that!

But a lady?

No. Most ladies need their orgasms to be nurtured.

You have to put in a shift, and then you’re rewarded with your partner’s orgasm.



Now, our play partner assured us that she was just very responsive to us.

No faking was involved.

OK, so Houseguest and I are really that good.

Fuck it! Sometimes I wish we weren’t just so damn hot!

Do you think she was faking?

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21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Will you please stop coming!

  1. Haha oh dear, me thinks the lady doth protesth to much! She’s either a very lucky lady to be able to come so easily or she was doing a Meg Ryan! I agree Robert most ladies need to be nurtured, it’s all part of the build up to a good sex session. You live and learn I suppose 😉 x

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