Wicked Wednesday: Sensations: A Question of Treating Her Right

Spank her

How do you treat the one you love?

Do you put her on a pedestal and worship her?

Worship, how do you do that?

Give her all that she wants?

Show her off like a show pony?

Or do you value her with respect and dignity?

What roles are you both supposed to fulfill?

Am I supposed to play a role?

Is it ever right to pretend?

What does it mean to be the man in the relationship?

Is being a man the same thing for all?

Why are you like no other woman?

Must you be feminine and submissive?

Who said anything about being submissive?

Do I have to be in charge?

Why do you always disobey me?

Did you think I was spanking you for fun?

Would you believe me if I said otherwise?

You think I don’t know what you’re up to?

I can’t live without you?

Is it only me that cries when we are apart?

When will you be in arms?

Can you stay the night?

What would you ask?

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3 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Sensations: A Question of Treating Her Right

  1. My oh my, answers to your many questions……
    1) Always treat her with respect and how you hope to be treated as well.
    2) Don’t put her on a pedestal .
    3) Worship by showing how much you care.
    4) You don’t have to always give her what she wants, but what she needs.
    5) Show her off like your Queen!
    6) Always value her with respect and dignity.
    7) Fulfill the role of supportive mate.
    8) Play is for others, just be who you are. You are loved.
    9) Pretending is only for play dates.
    10) To be the man means nothing. Just be the other half of the equation.
    11) Being a man is different for every testosterone filled individual.
    12) I am like no other woman, as you are like no other man. Soul mates.
    13) Feminine is not related to submissiveness. That’s a personal preference.
    14) I will never mention being submissive, unless we are talking about you! LOL
    15) Sometimes I need your strength. I hope I can offer you mine.
    16) It pleases me to disobey! Maybe I like the effect it has on you.
    17) You always spank me for fun…and to learn how a spanking is well taken!
    18) No one believes half of what you say!
    19) As a man, you can’t understand half of what I am up to.
    20) You can always live without me.
    21) You can never cry more than I.
    22) I would live in your arms.
    23) I will stay the night.

    Always love you more…

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