Toys Tuesday: Body Beautiful

Butt Plug

I am obsessed. There I said it!

I guess I always have been. I do try to resist.

Well actually no, I don’t try at all.

Resistance is futile right?

Plus, I don’t really do that whole abstinence thing.

What’s that about?

Over the years, I have become bit of a connoisseur.

Only the finest will do.

And she is by far the finest.

Yes, you’re right.

I’m talking about ass.

I love the posterior!

A fine ass is a thing that must be worshipped, usually with one’s tongue.

You must show it love and respect, but not be afraid to use a very firm hand when needed.

Maybe on occasion a whip, or crop…..

A thing of beauty must be lavished with gifts.

Such as sexy underwear and fine jewelry.


Oh yes! I’m referring to jewelled butt plugs.

Was there ever a way to make a bottom look sexier?

No, of course not.

Let me be clear: No one likes cheap jewelry.

And no one likes a cheap butt plug.

What a vulgar idea.

It should feel heavy in the hand, and expensive.

It should be made from stainless steel, and finished with a sparkling jewel.

Robert loves bling.

You can’t simply stick these things into a backside.

Well ok, one can.

But that would be quite uncouth!

No, before you can place a plug into an ass, one must first lavish the ass with love.

One does not merely lick a bottom.

One devours it, as if it was your last meal.

After some considerable time, you should find that the object of your love has relaxed and opened up.

I have to use all my self control, and not immediately bugger the living be’jeazuz out of Houseguest.

Place the plug into your lover and behold!

What a thing of beauty!

It will feel cold in your lover, and she should contract around the narrow part of the plug.

It only takes a few moments for your lover to get used to wearing it.

Then it’s over to her (or him).

Yes it will feel great in her, but more than that,  it will drive you wild with lust.

If you’re like Houseguest, you will strut around in five inch heels, teasing and tormenting.

How long can I endure such torture?

I must confess, not very long.

I am but a weak and feeble man.

In no time, my face is buried between her legs, loving on her clitoris.

And when she ready to come, and only then, do I remove the plug and pound her bottom to mutual orgasm.

Special thanks to Casa Hari for supplying a fabulous butt plug.

Special thanks to Houseguest for being good enough to eat.


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6 thoughts on “Toys Tuesday: Body Beautiful

  1. Thanks to Casa Hari for the plug! Must visit this Bdsm resort!
    And of course, thanks to Robert for making me his midnight snack….

  2. These jeweled butt plugs are devine!!! Soo much better than the silicone ones…i mean……not that I would know 😉

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