Fantasy Friday: Sensations Series: Addiction

kissing in dark

Some things are simply put: they are addictive.

The more you have, the more you want.

Love is like that.

The thought of being without, fills you with dread.

That morning smile.

The smell of her hair.

The taste of her skin.

These things you know, you can’t live without.

Next are the surprises.

You think you know her, but she always surprises you.

She delights you.

Make your heart pound and scares you.

Fear of never being able to hold her again in your arms.


Getting tongue tied and nervous when you see her.

Not knowing how to express how you feel.

Yet always knowing how to show it.

Being a man, worshiping her with all you have.

Wanting to be alone: just the two of you.

Let me look into your eyes.

Are you thinking the same as me?

Will our children have your eyes?

Love is our cradle.

What do you like to do in the dark?

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