Wicked Wednesday: Taking charge

bi threesome

It should be no surprise to you that my beloved Houseguest likes to watch.

Nothing turns her on more than seeing me naked.

Well actually one thing does.

She loves to see me naked with another man.

Or men……

The demented one is obsessed with gay sex.

On top of which, it’s not enough to simply stand back and watch.

Hell no! She needs to direct.

Do this, do that. No! You’re not doing that right.

Here, let me show you.

This lady really does love men.

I keep hearing that most women would find this threatening.

Afraid of not being able to compete.

And losing out to another man.

But not Houseguest.

She is nothing like most women.

Her strength is a thing of beauty.

So for her, a bisexual man truly is heavenly.

As for me?

I don’t quite feel the same.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot to see her eat pussy.

And I totally get her being bisexual.

But I know that my beloved really needs DP.

To put her straight, so to speak.

Because as her man, I make sure she is always taken care of.


So what do you like to watch your partner get up to?

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8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Taking charge

  1. As always an honest & entertaining post. Wish I could be as free spirited as you guys but I’m way too possessive & jealous I couldn’t deal watching my man with anyone else.

    But it works for you which is all that matter 😉 x

  2. Why is that demented? Yes, watching can be great fun. I think the most important thing is that all of ones needs are met. Easy to be insecure about time sent with others, if you feel you are not getting enough time with them. If all your needs are met, you are not losing their attention, you are gaining a hot hot show!!!!

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