Sinful Sunday: A guest blog from Houseguest: Fifty Shades of Reality


50 shadesRobert and I were laughing and reminiscing last night about our experiences with bdsm clubs and how they differ from the fantasy most women seem to have of the scene. So I just wanted to offer a little food for thought, as reality often does not match up with fantasy at all.

My first experience with a bdsm club was here in Dublin. As a highly valued customer of my local sex shop, they told me it was “The” place to go, and so I was determined to check it out. Robert couldn’t make it, so I went on my own, and wow, what a disappointing experience.

Having had plenty of bdsm fantasies myself and thinking I might find some hotties to entertain me, I aimed to please in leather hot pants, thigh highs and matching bondage-look corset. Oh, and the highest of fuck-me heels, of course. Not to mention the time I spent lifting weights in the gym that day to have the muscles toned looking for the evening. I might as well have gone in my pajamas for all the effort that was worth! Actually looking hot had made me unapproachable, so it seemed. At least I like to remember it that way! LOL. I spent much of the evening wishing I drank more alcohol and chatting to a nice old man about his whip collection.

I was totally unprepared for the reality of your normal bdsm club.

  1. VERY few people attending such clubs are any kind of fantasy material. Some are normal looking. Most are your very average looking and overweight slice of society. Some should only be viewed in a dark room while wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes.
  2. MOST are simply there to watch and are too timid themselves to participate in any of the activities.
  3. The ACTIVITIES are generally as such:
    1. Mostly people standing around watching and chatting to friends.
    2. Women getting spanked, either bent over a bench or tied to a cross. Seriously, these are mostly women you really didn’t EVER want to see in their underwear. But now, you will have this image in your mind FOREVER. Beware!
    3. People trying out rope skills, spending hours figuring out their knots until you fall asleep watching.
    4. Women trying out pole dancing skills, which always looks like a “FAIL” video you might see on Youtube.

Robert simply did not believe my description of the evening and had to experience this for himself. So back we went for more of the same. Damn it, but there was just nothing titillating about the whole thing.

Unbelievably, we have been back many times since. There is something to all this that does draw a person in. It is like standing in the middle of X-factor and Big Brother combined. You watch, because it is like reality TV and you want to see what will happen next. You watch, because some performances are simply too bad to look away from and are entertaining in their own right. And you watch hoping to finally glimpse that one act that really does meet up to your fantasy expectations.

The only time fantasy has ever met reality in the club was when we were the performers. Now that was seriously hot. And I suppose that is exactly how the other attendees feel as well. Hoping for that glimpse of hotness, and fulfilling their own fantasies in the end.

What has been your most disappointing fantasy breaker?

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17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: A guest blog from Houseguest: Fifty Shades of Reality

  1. HG, I remember you and I having this conversation via FB a couple of weeks before your LA arrival, and your right, reality rarely lives up to the fantasy people have in their minds after they have read these books, discussing the BDSM plots involving the characters they are reading about, afterall, these books are considered fiction right? Lol! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well HG I certainly won’t be hurrying down to my local BDSM club if I’m only going to be faced with fat ugly blokes & dodgy looking women tied in knots!

    Think I’ll stick to my own bedroom antics 😉 x

  3. I am happy to give up my day job to run a bdsm club. Guaranteed hotties for your admission fee! lol

    I get to inspect the talent and manage the workers with my whip!!! Oh yeah, I am liking this more every minute!

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