Fantasy Friday: Book girlfriends or real women

book girlfriend

We all know that women have unrealistic expectations of men.

We poor men are forced to live up to the impossible.

Sadly the majority of men don’t match up to the kinds of men described in most erotic novels.

The same can be said of most book girlfriends.

They seem to have impossible qualities.

Naive and vulnerable, yet sexually voracious.

A virgin, but sexually adept.

Has any man ever met a woman that had these qualities?

No, of course not.

It’s pure Fantasy material.

We all know beautiful women, we all know sexually heroic women.

But very rarely are these qualities found in young women.

The key ingredient is confidence.

You need life experience to have that.

I guess it’s a bit like hot sex.

You need to know what you are doing.

And that takes the experience of trial and error.

So here is to the over 30’s.

We rock!

Do book girlfriends drive you mad?

Why not read one of my short taster novels.

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Femme Fatale

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Svetlana in Heels

12 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Book girlfriends or real women

  1. So so true! Most young 20 something’s don’t have the knowledge or confidence to be as adept at sex as the FSOG, Crossfire series make out! I’m in my thirties and far more sexually confident & adventurous then I ever was in my twenties! Flirty thirties & naughty forties! Leave the children at home and just play with the big girls!

  2. Maybe this explains why i’ve come to know many young men in their 20’s and 30’s who actually prefer older women. And yes, i think most men like women with curves, not the skinny model types. So you women in your 40’s, 50’s and dare i say, 60’s, take care of yourselves, and you may just get yourselves a young stud.

  3. Hey Mags, thin women are the best kind of cheap dates: don’t eat or drink much! LOL

    I think fantasy is best left as just that. Most of what looks hot on print has tons of photo shopping anyway.

    The key to being a great lover is not the “tricks in your bag”, but understanding the fine points of being generous and aiming to please. I would say age definitely is a benefit there.

    1. Haha this is true HG but I’m not a cheap date on any level! Who wants to date a man who wants a cheap day?!

      Sexual confidence defo comes with age & experience 😉 x

  4. Oh Robert, you have not on a few points this Friday – how clever:) I’m not happy with the ‘book boyfriend’ culture. Men of fiction are just that and should be viewed as such. Real men have real problems and real downfalls. Just as real women do. Confidence comes with age and as adventurous as you may be in your younger years, it doesn’t mean you will have confidence when you’re naked and in another’s arms. You know me Robert, I love to live and let live. Being hound and not in the know isn’t all that bad, they have amazing sex to look forward to once their older. On the flip side, turning thirty plus just means you’re having that new, AWSOME sex 🙂 real people have real mind blowing sex, that’s what life is really all about xxxx

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