Sinful Sunday: Seducing an Irishman

Sexy Irish

So the time has come to cross the water and go get me some American loving.

Those yanks don’t stand a chance.

There’s only one problem. It has been brought to my attention that they don’t always understand what us Jakeens are saying to them.

So here is my guide to Dublin talk. Pay atterntion American’s I’m coming to get you.

1. Good Morning –  “Story horse”

2. Hello, how are you? – “What’s da stori bud?” , “What’s da craic?”, Howya, me auld flowa”

3. Everything’s fine –  “Bleedin deadly“

4. A vagina  – “A gee”

5. Wow – “Sweat baby Jea’zus!”

6. Reaction to something shocking – “Ah be da Jea’zus”

7. A cup of tea – “Cup of scald”

8. An unattractive lady – “Not even the tide would take her out”

9. I have something to tell you – ‘C’mere till I tell ye‘

10. A penis – “Mickey”

11. To have no luck – ‘Sure ye couldn’t win an argument‘

12. Messing or misbehaving – ‘Acting the maggot‘

13. To be embarrassed – ‘I was scarlet‘

14. Your father – ‘Auld fella‘

15. Someone from the countryside – ‘Bogger‘

16. Someone from Dublin – ‘Jackeen’

17. That was great – “Deadly buzz”.

Ready or not here I cum!

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6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Seducing an Irishman

      1. I defo will! Some Guiness drinking paddies in a bar in Dublin correctly predicted the sex of my baby 16 & half years ago! They were the friendliest bunch of guys I’d ever met, especially as we’d just beat them in the Rugby 😉 x

        1. Well Mags, the drunk Dub did have a 50% chance of guessing correct on the baby, so I’m not sure that’s saying much! But the Irish are def the friendliest bunch around and easily understandable, as long as you have Robert’s translation guide.

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