Fantasy Friday: Missing the one you love

passionate kissing

Right now I feel so incredibly horny.

Much more so than normal.


I miss the one I love.

She is on the other side of the ocean.

Everywhere I look I see reminders of her.

I can even smell her in my home.

Her perfume lingers on my bed.

At night my dreams are filled with visions of her.

I spend my mornings waiting for her to wake.

So I can call and hear her voice.

My body is pining for her.

Sex is the only thing on my mind.

I have to pin her down.

Devour her.

I feel this insane need to cum in her.

This is my inner caveman: she is my mate.

Then hold her in my arms.

Safe, secure, and mine.

What do you do when you miss your lover?

Full of passion?

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Femme Fatale

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Svetlana in Heels

27 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Missing the one you love

  1. Awwww Robert this is such a sweet post, your Houseguest is a lucky lady to have a man who worships her so much. God do I love inner caveman when the time is right! Fierce lovemaking followed by sated holding & caressing is the best! I hope you’ll be reunited very soon with your wonderful HG, what a reunion it will be! We’ll see the fireworks across the Atlantic!!
    When I’m missing my hot hubs I read erotica & let my hands wander 😉 x

      1. Yep I’m with you there hun, without passion there is no point. Even my anger is only because I have passion if I felt nothing for him I wouldn’t get so wound up! And make up sex is such fun, it’s almost worth the screaming and shouting. Not that we argue too much I must add!

          1. Robert, when I’m really mad as hell it’s like a bomb has gone off! But when I’m calm I’m like a little kitten 😉 x

  2. Get your ass over here, Mr. India, before I wear out my vibrator and new g-spot stimulator dildo! lol

    “Must have” items for a vacation without your Love……sex toys and an e-reader. Mags does obviously understand.

    Though Robert knows my erotica tastes are skewed towards the “VERY DEMENTED” side. Been having lots of thoughts about that sex slave lately…….. maybe some of Robert’s followers could volunteer for the position!

    1. Haha oh HG you are fierce lady! Not sure I’m up for the role as sex slave Hahahahaha! Poor Robert he’s lost without you 😉 x

  3. Poor Robert is never lost, just misguided. I’ll lead him back in the right direction soon! lol

    ATTENTION: Horny, hot couple seeking sex slave to serve their every desire. Man, woman, tranny, all are welcome to apply for this long-term position. Good oral skills and a greedy ass are a must have for this lifestyle. The successful applicant will be richly rewarded with cum.

              1. Thought I replied to this but if I didn’t I said.

                ‘You’re very sweet & HG is a lucky lady. You seem perfect for each other’ 😉 x

  4. This is why I love me some Mags. Harry is one totally hot ride!! I would fuck him senseless. And Robert could join in. Lol

    There are several applicants of the female persuasion for the position of slave to the HG/India household. They will be put to the test over the cuming days. All these fans of FSOG must understand that their role is simply to submit, and not to question “to whom”. Good girls do as they’re told.

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