Fantasy Friday: A guest blog: Hurt me till I come

If you were able to have the kind of sex you fantasised about and dreamt about with someone who you trusted – with no strings attached……would you?  I did and I don’t regret it one bit. We all have needs. Some we can share openly, and perhaps some we feel we can’t, even if to someone else they are perfectly normal.
My friend had his way with me, several times over, and I enjoyed every single minute. Yes, I was a tad ‘frigid’ at the beginning. His words not mine but I soon relaxed & spread my legs like the good girl I am. What a luxury that he was happy to pleasure ME! I know he saw me as a challenge. Almost like a forbidden fruit so he would make damn sure I came. How lucky am I?! He devoured my pussy until I could contain my delight no more & fucked me til I could no longer focus. I could not get enough! That piercing in a very intimate place. How I longed to see that in the flesh!! I must admit it was all new to me and a pierced cock was hard to navigate but I gave it my all. I didn’t suck it as greedily as I would have liked but I hope he liked it, if only a little bit. I love giving head!! Anyway let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I was happy to be his ‘pupil,’ to let him do as he wished. But believe me, as this was our first encounter, I was not shy to say no to some of his demands…..Next time maybe….?
I was happy for us to ‘play’ and for him to slap my face,  throttle me, and spank my ass until it stung. I’m sorry but I just loved it. My involuntary gasp as he slapped my face surprised even me! Oh…and the biting. Just OH! My dirty little secret of our time together. The discomfort from those bites. Just lush!! I must say sorry that he couldn’t have my ass. I know that would have made his day but it needs training! But as I sit here with my lubed butt plug up my willing ass I hope that next time I can make him proud!

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21 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: A guest blog: Hurt me till I come

  1. so you start off reading blogs and they are so sexy and steamy you can almost taste them. And things were going oh so well with this one when my brain took an unexpected turn to the horrible. At the mention of piercing. Normally talk of all the ummm benefits of piercings. But tis blog suddenly made me think of all the pitfalls . All the ways one might get caught. ouch. Horror movie in my head. LOL

    1. LOL The thing people all worry about is chipping a tooth, or gagging on it. But I can say, hand on heart, that no one has ever chipped a tooth, and as for gagging? It’s nice to gag on something big!
      The big benefit is during sex, women like it….a lot….orgasmically!!!

      1. I can not say that I have ever heard anyone talk about one getting caught. Something your guest blogger said made me think of that. Had never thought about it before. LOL. Say all piercings are smooth and snag proof. The mind can go to some really horrible places. Of course ,MY MIND would go there.

        1. Can I add that I was actually worried I would gag….nothing else! But the benefits of being fucked by a pierced cock are AMAZING! And a fab cock it was too!!

    1. HG was not the recipient of this hot sex session, but the “Good girl” is lucky to have Robert as a friend. With Robert, a friend in need will be well-served, indeed!

  2. OMG! You all know how much i desire kinky sex! i absolutely loved reading about this encounter, and really live vicariously thru others. My husband loves me and tries to please me as best he can by at least giving me oral everyday till i cum. (He’s 70 with ED and i’m 10 years younger) But alas, i just couldn’t hurt my husband. i have a friend who wants to with me, and He is a Dom, but i’ve said no. All my kinky desires will remain fantasy. i have some pretty wild fantasies! And as for piercings on the cock! i’m reading a book right now where the female character describes what it feels like when her boyfriend’s cock is inside her! It sounds possitively, devinely orgasmic!! Not sure there are any men my age who would have a pierced cock though. But then who said i couldn’t be with a much younger guy? i actually have one of them who wants to get me into his bed, too! But that’s another story’ lol

  3. As the proud owner of a pierced cock (a Prince Albert) I have to say my lady loves it! She once told me that if I ever took the piercing out, she’d never let me fuck her again!

    Getting a piercing is the second best thing you can do with your cock and I’d heartily recommend it to any guy! It certainly does it for us!

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