Wicked Wednesday: Spanks for nothing


Some ladies are simply incorrigible.

Or so I like to claim.

Why? A man always needs some reason to hit his woman.

Yes, hit.

Hitting, spanking, hair pulling, choking….I could go on.

You get the idea.

So why do I need a reason?

It’s just more that way.

How dare you make my G&T with Hendricks, I wanted Bombay.

Fetch my crop……

In days gone by I would have been accused of being a bully, and subjecting my partner to domestic violence.

Thankfully, those days have passed.

So when did this all change?

When did women decide it was enjoyable to get ‘hurt’, and when did they decide to submit to their husbands?

I’m pretty sure it hasn’t always been that way.

Is this a reaction to women’s liberation?

Maybe it’s the 50 Shades effect?

Or perhaps twitter is to blame?

Whatever the reason is, men and women seem to be reverting to age old roles.

Men being dominant, and women submissive.

In the bedroom, that is.

This all seems pretty recent to me.

If I’m honest, it did come as bit of a challenge at first.

Women have spent a long time taming and gentrifying men.

And now we have to be bedroom ogres again.

But there is one important caveat.

Yes, men have to be dominant and rough.

But not selfish.

Use me, hurt me, take control and fuck me.

Just be sure to make me come over, and over, and over…..

How did you introduce BDSM to your relationship?


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24 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Spanks for nothing

    1. Totally agree! 50 Shades is just a fucking book, for Christ’s sake!! Wake up women, the man you all fantasize about is a figment of the author’s imagination!!!! It’s not real. He’s not real. He/it won’t change your life, improve your marriage or anything else. UUUGGGH….
      A real man is not a “cave man”, and who the hell wants an ogre anyway. Not having to or being willing to assert your own preferences in the bedroom doesn’t make a woman submissive, it’s just makes her weak.

  1. I think the FSOG effect has really gone off the deep end. My lady read all three books just to see what all the hype was about and made it clear to me that if I EVER got it into my head to try that D/s crap on her, there would be a lot of non-sexual violence happening – not that I’d ever get such a thought in my head because my mother raised me to keep my hands off of women unless I have to defend myself.

    I do a lot of things well… but caveman or ogre isn’t on that list.

  2. i’ve always like things a little on te rough side, even before FSOG! i brought the subject of BDSM up before the books came out. Just glad he didn’t think i was off my rocker and was willing to try a few things, even though he’s really not into it.But like i said the other day my husband pleases me well, so i wonder sometimes who really is in control. i really am a lucky woman! You two are so funny sometimes! Hot, but funny!

    1. My husband and I live a female led life but without his acceptance and desire for my dominant personality I’d be just an average housewife with unfulfilled fantasies, so I think even the idea of control is an illusion. My dominant personality only flourished when he showed his acceptance of it and gifted me his equally strong desire to submit.

  3. Great sex of any kind is a righteous thing! BUT that Gray dude was a seriously fucked up and selfish man. It is bothersome that women crave the d/s relationship he had, as it was nothing but a damaged man running roughshod over an innocent woman. You want to fantasize about a loving d/s relationship, that sure as hell isn’t it!

    Robert, do not disagree with me, or you will get 10 lashes with my whip later on, after you are done licking my shoes!

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