Moody Monday: Wanting what you can’t have

sexy ass

Sex is great.

You love it, I love it, she loves it, and he loves it.

Like I said, it’s fucking great!

You can do it in lots of different ways, and still have a great time.

And yet….well…. when I can’t have something….my mind fixates on it.

What am I going on about?

Ass. Anal. Buggery. Bum fun.

A recent play partner wasn’t into it.

I know, really, In this day and age!

But anyway!

Now let me just make it perfectly clear that she was great at everything else.

She made me cum, I made her cum.

Four times.

I’m good.

But I wanted her ass!

Yes, I know. I’m only going on about it because I couldn’t have it,

And if I could have had it, I probably would not have wanted it.

But isn’t that how people are?

We want the excitement of the forbidden?

No you can’t have a kick in the hole.

Oh please. Please kick me in the hole.

It really is that ridiculous.

But I can’t help it.

Even now I’m thinking, I what could have been.

Sweet, succulent ass….

Are you the same? Do you crave what you can’t have?

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9 thoughts on “Moody Monday: Wanting what you can’t have

  1. YES, i want something i can’t have!! i’ve been married to my husband for 41 years and kink is not his thing. He tries, but falls short. Not to mention, he suffers from ED. He’s almost 70. I’m 60. i came out with my kinky self about 5 years ago. i get a light spanking once in a while but that’s about it. my desire to be a sub/slave has always been there, and i did have a D/s relationship before i was married. i love nearly everything having to do with BDSM/kink, (yes, ass fuckin’, too, which hubby is definitely not into.) and really want a Dom. It’s just not in hubby and he WILL NOT share nor allow me to have someone outside our marriage. If i do, the marriage is over. I love him and he loves me so this is the way it will be. Other than not being kinky with me, he treats me like a princess and makes sure i have at least one orgasm every day when he eats me, usually several times a day. i frequently cry at night because i want to try so many different things. my biggest fantasy is a manage, and that ain’t happnin’! So i live this through other’s stories of their playtime. And Yours and houseguest’s play is some of the best!!

    1. Your husband sounds like a wonderful and considerate man. The poor guy can’t help it if he isn’t into kink. And how lucky you are to have someone worth spending 41 years with!!

      Some guys just don’t want to get out the belt or even eat their wives, but that doesn’t mean a marriage should be thrown away. Wise woman you are to value what you have. It is sometimes sad to settle for less than one wants, but we all know there is no perfect life. I’m glad we can lighten your heart and entertain you as well. But remember, no matter what side of life you are on, other pastures can seem greener from afar. Close up, it’s all just damned grass.

      1. Right you are! i am a very lucky woman to be loved as much as i am. Many people never find that kind of love. Even though i want something i can’t have, i wouldn’t trade the life my husband. We are happy, healthy and still in love after all this time. Thanks for making me smile when i read this blog.

  2. I pine for what she has! Will you still be eating me every day in 30 or 40 years? What are the chances even of something lasting that long. Wow.

  3. Exactly. It’s the whole “grass is always greener” thing. I understand completely Karin’s feelings. But MANY MANY women probably lie in bed crying over their longing to know and love such a wonderful man.

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