Wicked Wednesday: To be a switch

BDSM, DommeIt would appear that I am a switch.

A switch: a person who can be both dominant and submissive.

Yes, I know what you are all thinking; he’s submissive to his beloved Houseguest.

Yes and no.

Yes, insofar that she is the only one who can make me submit.

But normally I’m dominant in bed.

Like most men, I like to be in charge.

There is a sliding scale of aggression that I move along.

Some ladies like their hair playfully tugged, others like to be choked as they orgasm.

The trick is to work out what turns your partner on.


So what makes me submissive?

Only one lady has ever made me submit to her will.

Yes, you guessed it. Houseguest.

Playfully licking sexy heels does not make you submissive. That’s just a fetish.

So how does she make me submit?

It’s her fire. There are times when the devil gets into her and she is wild.

She must have, and she will take what she needs.

She becomes hyper aggressive.

She will claw at me, slap me, thump me and bite me.

Just the thought of her delicate hands around my throat….

Oh baby tighter!

When she is like this we will sex fight.

She will eventually get the upper hand, and when she does……we are not to be disturbed.

So yes, I’m a switch. Would you imagine that!

What makes you submit?

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