Fantasy Friday: Big treats


If you are going to treat a girl, the treat should be big right?

Of course!

Nobody wants fantasy sex with pee wee Herman.

Unless you have a fetish thing going on.

Hey, I’m open minded.

So with that in mind, I’ve organized a play date this Saturday night.

We all know that sometimes your eyes can be bigger than your appetite.

You know…..too big to fit….been there, done that. Had the embarrassment.

But this time, I think I’ve got it all perfect.

Big enough for us both.

But not too big!

And yet I’m wondering, maybe size isn’t everything?

It’s the motion of the ocean, and all that.

And of course, some guys think that because hey have a big cock they don’t need to try.

What he heck is with that?

You need to give it 1000% Always!

Ever had a date where the guy just didn’t’ try? What did you do?

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Femme Fatale

15 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Big treats

  1. Ha! A friends boyfriend was in a band, watched them practice and ended up hooking up with the singer. Lasted a whole 20 seconds (true story!). I walked out of the room and told everyone what a waste of time that was. They gave him crap for months

      1. hey I never said he was hung. far from it. all around disappointing. but the best was him blaming me for his lack of performance!

  2. Yeah, when a guy is crap because he does not feel he needs to try to please you, only way to fix him is public humiliation. And it is a public service, since it helps others avoid the same crappy sex.

  3. I dated a hot guy when I was 18, I couldn’t believe my luck that this gorgeous guy fancied me! However, after a few dates I was all horned up & dying for sex, so we got down to it only I didn’t realise he’d started! I nick named him pencil dick to my friends and never saw him again. Looks are definitely not everything & size does matter (or girth I should clarify)

      1. Haha Robert he dined out on his looks & couldn’t deliver! Sorry but I like to know when I’m being fucked! Haha spank me!

          1. Haha mean?! If you had sex with someone & it was shit would you go back for more?

            And stop saying spank I’m at my desk you’re getting me all hot!

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