Wicked Wednesday: Robert’s guide to anal sex.

guide to anal sex

Wicked Wednesday: Robert’s Guide To Anal Sex.

This is my simple guide to anal sex. Why did I write it? Because I’m tired of hearing people tell me that they do not enjoy anal sex. Anal sex should be enjoyable for everyone. If you have not enjoyed it in the past, it’s because you were doing it wrong! Maybe your partner rushed, you were not relaxed, or maybe deep down you just did not really want to be having sex with that person?

Time to put all that behind you and enjoy a good buggering.

So who can enjoy a buggering? Everyone, stupid! Are you paying attention?! If you have an arse, you can enjoy a bum fuck. Men can bum women, women can bum men, men can bum men, and women can bum women. The enjoyment is different for men and women, but it’s still enjoyment.

Right. Point made, begin!

  1.  Cleanliness. If you are going to get bummed, you need to be clean. That does not mean just washing your bum. That means using a douche to clean out your anal cavity. Buy yourself a good quality anal douche. There are plenty of different types, from ones you attach to a shower hose to simple rubber bulb douches. They all work fine. The trick is simply to use one! Only ever use warm water, squirt it up your bum and empty into the loo, or down the drain if you are in the shower. Repeat a few times until the water runs clear from you. I suggest you do this an hour before you intend to play, that way any residual water in you will be absorbed by your rectum or has time to be expelled. Good cleanliness takes away a lot of stress and will help you relax. Comprende?
  2. Getting from A to Z. You can’t go from no anal to getting banged like my Houseguest in one step. Your ass needs to get used to anal stimulation. Explore the sensations that anal fun has to offer you by taking small steps with your partner. Follow the weekly steps below to buggery paradise. Introduce one step a week to your play routines. One step a week allows your body to get used to the various sensations. However, if you love what you’re feeling you may choose to crack on!
    1. Rimming. What a wonderful way to begin your anal journey. Getting your bum hole licked feels amazing. Why is this fun? Your ass hole is covered in sensitive nerve ending that will be stimulated by your partner’s tongue. Just relax and let the sensations fill you. Both the exterior and interior of your ass can be licked.  The sensations will be different, and enjoyable.
    2. Fingering. After a long rimming you should be feeling relaxed. Now your ass needs to get used to having something in it. Your partner using a finger will slowly teach your ring to relax. Use plenty of lube. Plenty! Eventually over a few play dates your partner will be able to use a couple of fingers and be more vigorous in how he or she stimulates you. Again this stimulates the sensitive nerve endings around your anus and gently replicates the sensation of having a penis in you. It’s a good idea to have your partner give your oral sex as he or she fingers you.
    3. Toys. A finger is never going to really replicate the sensation of a penis. The only thing that will do that is a dildo. Once you have taught your body to relax and enjoy the sensation of being tongued and fingered, it’s time to try a dildo. Start with something small. A four-inch toy. You may feel like you want to go to the loo. You don’t. That is your body getting used to having a penis shaped object in you. Relax and have your partner be very gentle. Enjoy some oral sex as you are fucked gently with the toy. Slowly use bigger toys until you are able to take something similar in size to your partner’s penis or strap-on. Lube, lube, lube!!
    4. Fucking. OK, so you have enjoyed all the previous steps. It’s now time to enjoy the main course. Again use plenty of lube. Tell your partner to take his or her time when entering you. Slide in slowly and hold, letting yourself get used to the feeling. Your partner should fuck you very gently. You may begin to feel sore. That’s normal, your body is not used to being fucked. Stop and enjoy something else. The next time you will enjoy being fucked a little bit longer and so forth. In time, you will enjoy being fucked longer and harder to the point of orgasm.
  • Lube. You can’t have good bum fun without quality lube. Use silicone based lubes, and use plenty of it. It lasts longer than cheap water based lube and feels better. Don’t be afraid to reapply it during sex. Some lubes come flavoured too. Your partner will love you eating her or his ass intermittently during sex, the anus will be relaxed and you will be able to tongue deeply. This is very pleasurable. You can use oil based lubes if you are not using a condom with your partner. Oil based lubes are not great for toys though, as they break down plastics/rubber.Oil based lubes should not be used for vaginal sex either, they can irritate the vagina.  UPDATE  water based lubes are not always cheap, they are the best thing to use on silicone based toys and if you are wearing any kind of latex. Thanks Leah! If latex is your thing click here
  • After play, the anus can be sensitive and maybe a little sore if sex has been particularly vigorous. This is normal. You may enjoy gentle rimming at this time; a wet tongue will soothe your ring. Ladies will particularly enjoy rubbing their clits at this time.
  • Pain. Anal sex should not be painful. People experience pain because they are not relaxed or because their partner is too rough with them. STOP. Anal sex should be fun for you both. Slow down and do it properly.
  • Blood. You should never bleed during anal sex. If there is blood, STOP.
  • Mess, with the best will in the world, there can be mess. Go shower off together and try something else. Anal can wait for another day.
  • Advanced anal: DP. Why is DP so good? Those girls in porno videos look demented for a reason. DP feels amazing. Why? For the lady, when she has her pussy and ass full of cock the fullness often stimulates the G-spot leading to a very, VERY intense orgasm. Of course, not everyone wants a MFM threesome. Couples can use a butt plug while having vaginal sex to help mimic the sensation. Though nothing really mimics the feeling of a real DP. Be warned: after trying the real thing, there is no going back!
  • Ass to mouth. You’ve seen it in movies. Why do people do it? Because they have seen it in movies and it is horny. If you have cleaned your ass out thoroughly, there is no danger in doing this. If you are worried or you don’t like the idea of it, then don’t do it.
  • Ass to vagina. Never go from ass to vagina without washing off or changing condoms. You will introduce bacteria from the anus to the vagina, and this can cause vaginal infections.  The vagina is not tolerant to bacteria in the way that your mouth is.
  • Felching. To eat semen out of the anus. Why would you do this? This is a fetish, you either get off on it or you don’t. The anus will be sensitive after anal sex; your partner will enjoy your rimming him/her after you both have orgasmed. Obviously, this is only relevant if you don’t use condoms.
  • Diseases. Many diseases can be spread through unprotected anal sex. Can you be certain of your partner’s sexual health? Protect yourself.

What are your experiences with anal sex?

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