Sinful Sunday: A Woman’s Best Friend & Being Top Dog

sexy woman

I absolutely hate whining.

It gets on my nerves.

Plus I can’t sleep with all that noise going on.

That is the only reason I let him into the bedroom.

He just wants to be in on the action.

Which of course, I can sympathize with.

No, I’m not talking about some hottie. I’m talking about Houseguest’s dog.

Don’t worry, we didn’t scar him for life by letting him see us in action.

The ‘party’ had just finished.

What a mistake!

All night, he was muttering and growling.

Stomping about the bedroom.

Then he jumps onto the bed, which I don’t normally allow.

But as I was in a post orgasmic haze I let it slide.

He finally dozes off at my side, not Houseguest’s.

But the little sneak works his way up the bed during the night, finally laying his head on my chest!

Enough! OUT!!

I needed my rest!

It’s hard work taking care of business. Houseguest is a demanding lover.

What do we wake up to in the morning?

In our tiredness last night, we had forgotten to put away our sex toys.

Seems the dog can’t tell the difference between a rubber dildo and a rubber bone.

Five assorted dildos and butt plugs chewed up.

Houseguest was nearly in tears.

Her best friends destroyed.

I did comment that I thought her dog was supposed to be her best friend.

She reminded me that she was not a man.

A gay man trapped in a woman’s body perhaps, but still not a man.

“They are only dildos”, I told her, but it seems she is quite attached to some of them.

She regaled me with tales of how her toys got her through lean periods.

Hmmm, I think she loved some of them more than me.

So I’m actually quite glad the mutt chewed them up.

Apart from the vibrating black butt plug, even I loved that one!

So the poor mutt is in the doghouse, and my position as top dog is confirmed.

By the way, if anyone would like a half eaten sex toy, just let me know.

Are you in secretly in love with your sex toys?

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8 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: A Woman’s Best Friend & Being Top Dog

  1. The horror of it all. Have no problem with the pet cuddles (really Robert getting upset cause the dogs want to cuddle with you). Never had to deal with a chewer. EVIL. But I am a wee bit impressed with the amount of damage he seems to have done. That’s a lot of toys to destroy!!!

  2. Reminds me of a dog my friend had who ate all the crotches out of any underwear left on the floor… These kinds of things truely are tragedies. Lol.

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