Guest Blog: A Stolen Heart by Beverley Hollowed

A Stolen Heart coverSo Bev, your new book, A Stolen Heart is out today, tell us about it.

A Stolen Heart is a romance with some naughty bits thrown in. It’s about Emma, whose life is torn apart after a tragedy.   She returns home to Ireland from New York to try pick up the piece of her life but soon old ghosts catch up with her. The story jumps between the present and five years into the past when she had returned home to Ireland last, to plan her wedding.  She meets and falls in love with Zach. And they begin a whirlwind affair.

Tell us more about you.

I am a stay at home Mom of two boys and live in Dublin with my husband and kids. I have written as long as I can remember. It was all I ever wanted to do. I wrote A Stolen Heart five years ago but never tried to have it published. I started writing again last summer and rediscovered my passion for writing and I wrote my first published book, Forever and Always.

I adore music and sing constantly (albeit badly) but music and writing are my two greatest loves. Well the only one I will admit to on here lol (wink wink). I love perfume and have collected over 50 bottles.

What made you decided to write Erotica?

Well As I said I love writing but 5 years ago to write sex in any great detail was still fairly taboo. The original version of A Stolen Heart had very glossed over sex scenes. Last summer I read 50 Shades (ok I admit it…I read the trilogy 7 times) but it lit a fire inside me. I began to write again and this time I didn’t hold back on the sex scenes as much. Sex is not the dirty secret it once was. And now women are freer to admit they enjoy reading book with explicated sex in it. Sex has become more acceptable in an everyday environment. Although it does amuse me men seemed shocked women are enjoying something they are been enjoying for years. Reading about sex is acceptable and writing about it is so much fun to do. Yes I get turned on when I write sex scene, but hell if I can’t turn myself on, how can I do it for the readers?

Tell us about your other books.

Forever and Always is a true romance. It is about that first love that never dies. About finding your soul mate and that one person that completes you. It’s about Melanie and Sam and the heart-breaking journey they go through to find their happy every after.

No Second Chances is the first it the Chances trilogy. It’s about Ally and Cole and their passionate love affair. This is my naughty book. There is plenty of sex in it but also a story of unquestionable love and sexual awaking. There is also a crazy ex just to make life a little harder for the loved up pair. Part two, How Many Chances, will be released on August 30th. One Last Chance will be out around Christmas.

A teaser of A Stolen Heart…

“You’re breath-taking,” he whispered before he slammed his mouth against hers. This time the kiss wasn’t tender. It was full of hunger and passion.

Taking her by the hands, he raised her arms above her head and pinned her firmly to the bed. His mouth left hers as once again he worked his way back down to her swollen, aching breasts.

He teased her nipples with his tongue, nipping and biting them gently. He traced the fingers of his free hand down her body until it came to a stop between her legs. He looked up into her eyes. Asking for permission. She smiled giving him what he wanted.

Slipping his hand further between her legs. He gently teased her soft folds before he found her clit and stroked it gently with his thumb. She arched her back off the bed as the feeling of pure pleasure coursed through her body.

He pressed his lips against the soft skin on her belly as he released her hands; he could smell the apple blossom body wash she used and her subtle perfume. 

He slipped a finger inside and she cried out as she grabbed the bed clothes beneath her. He smiled to himself at her reaction and just how responsive she was to his touch. Slowly he glided a second finger inside and she gripped the bedding tighter.

He continued to stroke her deeply as he ran his tongue down her body until he was down between her legs. He removed his fingers and spread her legs further apart.

Emma watched him nervously as he pressed his mouth against her inner thigh. Then he licked her softly and slowly, letting his tongue run back up her thigh until he reached the apex of her leg. He flicked his eyes back up to Emma and he gave her a grin before he took her aching clit into his mouth, sucking and licking it hard.

“Oh God, Zach!” she cried out, as her whole body began to quiver as she could feel her orgasm build quickly, She knew this wouldn’t take long.

He pushed his fingers back inside her as she threw her hands up and gripped his hair as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her whole body shook as the wave of ecstasy rolled through her.

She had never had an orgasm like that before. She was completely lost in her own little world and didn’t notice as Zach reached for his bedside locker, pulled out a foil packet and tore it open. He quickly rolled the condom down his impressive cock and slipped his legs back between her hers.



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