Wicked Wednesday: Getting out of trouble

Getting out of trouble

I’d like to think that I understand men.

I am after all a man.

We like bravado.

We show off.

We think we are the dog’s bollocks!

But there are times that we get so far out of our depth that we want to cry.

Or run home to mammy.

Of course Houseguest knows this, and she uses it to her advantage.

Thankfully, for once it was not me facing her ire.

It was the clamper.

She rang and asked for my advice,

Pay him of course.

€120! Ouch.

That’s half a pair of shoes she tells me.

And he is a rather hot Australian…….

Well offer him a blow job!

Its a fair trade, I’d unclamp her.

“No silly, he’s a man; I’ll let him eat my pussy to unclamp me”.

So what happened?

Seems the fair dinkum Aussie nearly wet himself with fear.

Unclamped the Porsche and ran home to lick his wounds.

When push comes to shove, most men can’t cope with a strong woman.

It’s a comfort zone thing.


I love myself.

Truly I do.

So it takes some woman to tame me.

You can guess who that woman is.

And I know just how to get myself out of trouble!


What have you done to get yourself out of trouble?


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Femme Fatale


10 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Getting out of trouble

  1. Well, I thought it seemed like a fair trade. Guess he didn’t. Lol. Still want my Aussie kiss though. Maybe Paige Thomas will help me out with some luvin down under….

  2. Yeah I am not as fearless as HG either. Luckily (I guess) I never have gotten into trouble where I have had to offer sex to get out of it. But I AM certain that if I ever did offer sex favs trade , they would do a runner.

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