Sinful Sunday: Sexy Rewards

sexy rugby player

In times gone by, the victors of a battle would take the spoils of war.

The hotties and the goodies.

Today we live in more enlightened times.

No more raping and pillaging to celebrate one’s success.

Quite right.

Bosh, bosh my dear!

So does one celebrate victory over the Aussies?

But a bit of rough sex with an antipodean would be a great way to celebrate.

Alas they are rather thin on the ground in Dublin.

But Dublin does have one especially hot colonist in residence here.

My beloved Houseguest.

“Well done Robert, your team won”.

“You deserve a reward Robert”.

Now you’re talking my dear.


Yes, those.

I’m not a Catholic but, I’ve always quite liked the idea of indulgences.

So what did I get?

Sex that was all about me.

The best sex is always about you both.

But on occasion, it is quite acceptable to have sex that is all about you.

No. I’m not talking about knocking one out.

I’m referring to focusing on my pleasure, and not hers.

It is a reward after all.

And after 16 years of pain, the reward needs to be big and bountiful.

So here is to the Lions.

Well done lads, you just got me an amazing night of sex!


How do you reward your partner?

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14 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Sexy Rewards

    1. Now now, Ms. Paige…..never thought you to be a coward. It will be my pleasure to spank your arse, while you give Robert an Ozzie kiss…

  1. Plastic wrap? And you called me kinky and Jaded. I think I might watch out for Paige, sounds like she has some sharp teeth on her. Might be a biter! LOL.

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