Fantasy Friday: Loving an American

secy pin up

It’s not easy but you must know that.

In fact it’s really quite difficult.

You see, she’s an American.

Ahhhh! That explains her right?

Suddenly she is making so much more sense to you.

Let me be clear, they are nothing like us paddies.

Nothing at all.

Firstly, she refuses to understand Rugby, but insists on telling me how she seduced the captain of the football team at college.

As a good Dublin protestant, I see it as my duty to explain cricket to her.

I even arranged a threesome with a hot cricketer friend of mine.

What did she say?

Baseball players are cuter.

Jeazuz , Mary and Joseph!

Then of course there is her family.

My mammy, attends the Wicklow Hunt.

Her daddy is John Rambo, killing animals with his bare hands.

I have a shotgun for pheasant shooting.

He has a machine gun for peasant shooting.

It’s safe to say that Americans are quite different from the Irish.


And yet…..

She beguiles me.

Don’t ask me why.

I  still harbor a thought that she may have drugged me.

She tells me to shut up.

She never does as I tell her.

She puts me to work….I like that!

She has the glint of the devil in her eye.

Up set her…..and well…..

Thankfully I don’t bruise easy.

But shes mine.

And I love her.

Do you understand your partner?

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15 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Loving an American

  1. You little story teller! You know my dad hunts with a bow and arrows! lol

    Well, Americans love the Irish, no matter what. You are so cute with your orange hair, freckles, and a piece of clover tucked behind your ear for good luck! Not to mention that pot of gold.

  2. Well I think this proves that the Irish are truly a blessed people. That Ireland is full of magic. From Irish eyes, four leaf clovers , Leprechauns , and the basic Luck of the Irish. Every bit of that luck was shining down on you, when you got yourself an American Girl. How lucky can a boy get. Fate has chosen to shine down on you in the most spectacular way possible. Do not fuck it up! An American Girl, a truly amazing thing.

  3. Irish, you always make me smile. Truthfully I think HG has her hands full, and I’m not talking about your pot of gold. Yes, I’m sure your a catch but that American girl is quite a catch too right?

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