Wicked Wednesday: Wanton Women


Firstly, to my beloved Houseguest, let me just apologize.

Sorry, but I’ve been eavesdropping on your conversations.

I couldn’t help it, not when I found out what you were talking about.

You ladies were talking about sex!

So I wasn’t going anywhere.

Robert loves listening to women talk about sex.

There are fools out there who still have not copped on.

Women love sex.

I’ll say it  again.

W O M E N   L O V E   S E X.

Those times she is telling you she is not in the mood?

She says it’s because you are not doing a good enough job.

You’re not worth dropping her knickers for.

Hurts doesn’t it?

You need to try harder, a lot harder…..

Women want what you want:  hot sex, sweaty sex, and orgasmic sex.

And I like to hear about it.

To hear a woman say what she enjoys, how much she loves it.

How much she craves it, and needs it.

Hearing you talk makes my sex rage.

My hands form tight fists, and my cock hardens.

I didn’t mean to be rude.

And yes most of your friends don’t get me as it is.

But I had to kick them out.

So I could have you to myself.

Because I love a wanton women.

And you are mine.

What drives your man wild with desire?

Full of fire?  Read Femme Fatale: Slave to My Nature Series

Femme Fatale

10 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Wanton Women

  1. It is I who should apologize….We knew you were there. My girlfriends were just helping to work you up into a hot, horny mess! If you hadn’t kicked them out, I would have. All that sex rage of yours needed an outlet…..!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Yes, we girls tend to enlist the help of or girlfriends. That is what friends do. An overheard convo. Being just a little extra cozy. Fixing her hair, stubborn lint on her shirt. Draped around each other at clubs. Grinding against each other on dance floor, making out, the odd lick of her thigh. Yes, we know how to get your attention. Desperate times and all that. Oh and before Robert destroys relationships, sometimes women are NOT in mood, does not mean you are not a sex god!!!!!

  3. i drive my hubby wild by running around the house in a little see through black nightie and black “fuck me” peep toe heels. Can’t keep his hands off me! And me, trying to get my housework done.

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