Sinful Sunday: Silly Surprises


Let me set the scene: two beautiful women and one Robert India. The girls have just returned from the bathroom and are positively glowing.

What have they been up to? Did they start with out me?

How could I complain, Houseguest and I have already had one play date today.

No matter, they’re both here now.

“Lay back on the bed, baby. Let me love on you”. Ah, my beloved Houseguest, where would I be without her?

Our new friend, she’s no wallflower. She joins Houseguest in ‘loving’ on my love truncheon.

Dang! Life is good, two women licking my love sausage. What more would you want? I have to reward them both with a damn good fucking.

Giggling? Giggling and whispering, while they are sucking me off! They are up to no good. I know it. How typical of Houseguest.


“Houseguest says you are to be put to work”, our friend says as she straddles my chest. Looks like my tongue is to be brought into service. Like I said, life is good. “I have a big surprise for you”, she says.

“Really? Do you think the cock between your legs is going to be my surprise”?

Ha! Ladies please. I’m Robert India, I can’t be fooled!

Ah now come on, just because I worked you out does not mean you’re not feminine. I’m still going to ride you senseless and love every hour of it.

Oh my! Now that is a surprise. A tranny with a porno penis, how decadent, how bourgeois!

“Baby, I don’t like to be fucked, I’m in charge ”. Not asking, but telling, as she slides her big cock into my waiting mouth.

“Baby if you want fuck me, great, you’re all woman to me”! We way too often have silly ideas about how a woman must act to be considered feminine.

For the record, Houseguest, you can still be masculine even if you squeal like a pig while getting fucked by a big tranny cock!

What pleasant surprises have you had?


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Femme Fatale

3 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Silly Surprises

      1. maybe. LOL. But I have boobs of my own sooo…… LOL. I have large breasts , so not easily impressed by them. Had a gay friend want to bronze one. rofl

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