Fantasy Friday: Sensations Series: Irresistible Lust

choke love

How can I say this?

It’s not all that easy to say this.

You know…..

I need to……you’re making this very hard.


I really, really need you right now.

Stop tormenting me.

Come back and kiss me.

Your perfume is driving me insane.

I want to bite you.

Have you.

Why are you teasing me?

Can’t you see what you are doing to me?

I want you so much.

Fight back, pin me down.

Choke me.

Scratch me, love me.

Let’s make love, no let’s fuck.

Come with me.

Sleep with me.

Wake up with me.

How does lust drive you crazy?

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Femme Fatale

10 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Sensations Series: Irresistible Lust

  1. Who would have thought a little early morning sex denial would result in this? A man lusting and longing throughout the day…..buildup for the night. I’m likin this, Baby. We may be having too much sex, if going without for all of five minutes results in such beautiful words from you. What do you say?

  2. all together now…. “AWWWWW”. Good to make him want it. Good not to lose that desperate longing. Admit it , things just taste better wen you really crave them badly.

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