Fantasy Friday: Caught in the act


What is this?

Send me away so you can play.

I come home and what do I find?

You on the bed,  with your eyes closed.

Dress discarded.

Buzzing, and groaning.

I watch from the doorway.

You do not stop.

The room smells of you.

A hint of your perfume, mixed with your sexual scent.

It makes me growl.

Finally, you look up and smile, before closing your eyes again.

Two can play this game.

Watching, lusting, wanting.

I join you in my nakedness


And when your moment comes….

I can bare it no more, and enter the room.

Do yo like to watch, or do you prefer to be watched?

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Caught in the act

  1. Well it is all good, but as I think I has said in the past, I have a special fondness for watching. Saw a sitcom where whole episode was about the horror of guy being caught by Girlfriend. They told friends and they were all horrified. I just don’t get the taboo of it. I also enjoy being used as a masturbation aid. LOL. Like sitting behind a guy and him just using your hand. He has total control of pressure and speed but also experiences the super softness of your hand. Mmmmm

      1. yes, not to mention the feel of your breasts against his back and your hot breath on his neck, shoulder and back. Things an get all kind of hot from there. If both undressed might feel you get all wet , since he is sitting between your spread legs. You might up your involvement a bit, kiss and nibble. Let your free hand roam across stomach, over chest, nipples, to tickle and cup balls. A total must do, HG !!!!!!

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