Wicked Wednesday: Sexual weaknesses

Fetish Threesome


We all have them, right? You know, those things that you can’t resist.

Things, which quite literally, bring a man to his knees.

I’m a Dom.

Not like one of those sadistic Dom’s, or ‘plastic’ grey types.

No, I just like to be the aggressor or leader during sex.

It’s no big deal.

But I have one weakness.

Superman was brought to his knees by Kryptonite.


Sexy black patent leather, 4 inch, peep toes pumps.

Want me to do something? Just wear them, and promise me to let me lick them if I comply.

I simply cannot resist.

My beloved has numerous pairs that bring me to my knees.

Just thinking about them makes my cock throb and the hole ache…..

What are Houseguest’s weaknesses?

That’s a very good question.

She is a very powerful, strong woman.

But then you know that. Do you think some weak wallflower would captivate me?

She is a sly one. At first she tried to hide it from me, but I found it out.

Her weakness is…….bisexual men.

The thought of two men together, drives her nuts!

Naturally I give her what she craves.

In fact on her birthday, I enlisted a very dear friend who happily fucked me.

For her viewing pleasure….. and my anal pleasure.

Sometimes it’s great to be weak.

What is your sexual weakness?

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15 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Sexual weaknesses

      1. OK, OK!!! Someone obviously needs to hear how awesome he is…..
        I am so fucking lucky, it makes me want to cum just thinking about it! Is that lucky for you? Hell yeah!
        So why don’t you crawl your dominant self over here and lick my high heels, while I finger myself into oblivion……you will have a beautiful view and a taste if you want….

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