Sinful Sunday : Taming each other

Taming, threesome

Friday was to be the night. The night when I finally get the upper hand over my beloved Houseguest. She would be held to account for all her delicious naughtiness.

To that end, I had enlisted the help of my friend Calvino, a very hot male model. He is rather demented, thus would make the perfect play partner. We were all to meet at his apartment overlooking the Grad Canal.

Houseguest and I arrived separately, with her being late as usual. The weather on Friday was not great, so she was wrapped up in a trench coat and boots.

Calvino greeted us with his usual Latin flair, big hugs and kisses. Houseguest excused herself to the bathroom, allowing us to plan our approach. We agreed she would need at least ten orgasms (excluding multiple orgasms). That would surely put her in her place. And a very red bottom. So our pact was made, we would not stop until she could no longer walk.

“Santa Madre, vela por nosotros”! Calvino was shocked. He crossed his chest and stared.

“Be strong, Calvino, be strong”!

The She-devil had stepped back into the room wearing a shiny latex cat suit and my favourite 5 inch Prada peep toes. The top of the suit was partially unzipped, flashing her ample pert breasts at us. She smiled, rubbing her nipples through the suit.

“We have to stick together, Calvino, I whispered”. I knew she would go in straight for the kill. She turned, keeping her eyes on us both, and bent to touch the floor, back arched and feet spread.

“Like what you see”? How dare she taunt us like that?! Before she comes closer, Houseguest makes a show of moving her hands all over her latex clad curves.

“Do as I say boys, and it will all be OK”.  It’s her favorite tacky line, and damn it, she means it every time.

There could only be one response. She was dragged grinning to the bedroom to be tamed! Calvino, being a decent fellow, immediately un-zipped her catsuit and ate her pussy. As for me, I stuffed my cock in her mouth as I pulled her hair. I could see fire in her eyes, this was going to be a long night/fight.


I don’t want to sound selfish, but I guess I am. I love it, when it’s all about me, me, me.

Make men think they need to punish you, best you, prove something to you, and that competitive spirit will have them moving heaven and earth to do so. That’s a game I love to play with Robert, because everyone comes out the winner.

Nothing makes a man go Dom faster than telling him with a wicked smile, “Do as I say, and you’ll be ok”. Choose the wording you wish, but make sure to emphasize in detail how you intend to totally dominate him. Some men are slower than others to rise to the occasion, and you may need to use the strapon or put a heel to his throat. Eventually they all cop on: I’d better put on my A-game or she will make me her bitch! Nothing gets a reaction quite as fast. No need to say you want a dominant man in bed, because this ensures he will fall all over himself proving his dominance to you!

I mean, Really! A few words of challenge here and there, and they enlist reinforcements to make sure you can’t walk straight? I just love men; they give it their all. And they gave it to me. For that, I am forever thankful.

Ladies, you could just tell your man what you want, but wouldn’t that be so much less fun….


How do you like to be Tamed?

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6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday : Taming each other

  1. Mmm! So everyone had a good time! i think i will take my lesson from houseguest. It sounds to me like she gets what she wants, no matter what. But then, maybe, you both do!

  2. Sounds like you had a great evening. I must say this one belongs to HG. But keep trying Irish. Glad you all had a good time.

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